Women in STEM Have High Praise for Albemarle Corporation

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Photo Courtesy of Albemarle Corporation

Photo Courtesy of Albemarle Corporation

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May 28, 2024 at 2:16PM UTC

Those on the hunt for a new career would do well to get familiar with Albemarle Corporation. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, this global specialty chemicals company holds leading positions in lithium, bromine and refining catalysts. You may not be familiar with everything they do, but their work powers some of the world’s most critical industries, like energy, electronics and transportation. It’s also a great place for women to start and grow their careers. Fairygodboss recently talked with the company about its mission and values, and heard from some female employees about what it’s really like to work there.

One major reason women love working for Albemarle is the Albemarle Women CONNECT  Development Program. Launched in 2019, the Albemarle Women CONNECT Development Program is an employee development program designed to educate, inspire and encourage women, as they progress toward meeting their individual goals. Albemarle also has Connect groups that serve as employee resource groups. Those include Women Connect resource groups, Faith Connect, Black Employees Connect, Latinx Connect, PRIDE Connect, and Veterans Connect.  As one employee says: “Our Connect groups have been a lifesaver for me as we have moved through the WFH and COVID. The immediate response to BLM, the Foundations continued support in each of our communities, and the welcome and connection by and with my colleagues, helps me to press forward every single day.” Read on to learn more about Albemarle Corporation.

What is Albemarle Corporation’s mission?

Here at Albemarle, our purpose statement is “Making the World Safe and Sustainable by Powering the Potential of People.” It inspires and motivates us to execute our strategy, support our stakeholders, and create lasting value that will benefit the next generation, and beyond.

What Employees say: 

“Albemarle offers a unique opportunity to be involved day to day with the operations of a global company. We act globally but think locally. This gives employees an opportunity to understand, respect and appreciate cultural differences. In addition, our co-workers by and large around the world support each other.”

What are your core values?

  • Care – We value safety and the well-being of each other. We help make our communities better. We are stewards of the environment. 

  • Curiosity – We encourage questions and wonder. We seek continuous learning, improvement, and education.

  • Courage – We are comfortable being vulnerable. We are willing to take informed and shared risks, but not shortcuts.

  • Collaboration – We believe that two are better than one when two act as one. We are empowered to perform our jobs and are accountable for the result. 

  • Humility – We share the credit and value the ideas of others – it’s not about me. We value diversity of thoughts, experiences, and cultures. 

  • Integrity and Transparency – We are our word. We do what we say. We communicate and act transparently. What you see is what you get. 

What Employees say: 

“Working @ Albemarle, I feel heard and seen!”

“I love working at Albemarle because there is a very good job environment, where I can interact with people from different cultures and different locations around the world, and there are a lot of instances to share our ideas and feel comfortable and respected about them.”

What differentiates Albemarle Corporation from others in this industry?  

Our core values, commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and extra attention to safety is what separates us from others in the specialty chemicals space. We truly believe in investing in the safety of our employees and in the community around us. 

What Employees say: 

“I love working at Albemarle, because those in leadership positions are quick to admit their own pitfalls and predisposed assumptions, which allows commitment to overcoming the ingrained ways of thinking in our society. At Albemarle, I don’t feel that my potential is limited as a woman in STEM, notably because I have been encouraged in conversations with male counterparts to allow my voice to be heard by individuals who would not otherwise hear it.” 

Describe 1-5 employee benefits that positively impact women who work here.

  1. Managers who allow for flexible work

  2. Women Connect resource groups and the Women Connect Development Program

  3. Wellness Rooms for nursing mothers

  4. Albemarle’s practice of promoting from within

  5. We are a global company, so there’s an opportunity to connect with women around the world to encourage learning and growth. 

What Employees Say:

“Observed opportunity for women to advance; I am proof the company does promote from within, and I am so happy to be given the chance to lead our Treasury and serve our businesses.”  

What career development opportunities can female job seekers expect from you? How is career pathing approached?

One career development opportunity to highlight is our Women Connect Development Program. Women within our company can apply to be part of a cohort that lasts two years. During those two years women participate in learning sessions, seminars and field assignments, have discussions with leaders inside and outside our organization, and hold accountability calls with one another. Women also get to serve as mentors to incoming cohorts of Albemarle women. 

Career pathing is approached primarily through performance management discussions throughout the year and by way of succession planning. In both aspects, Albemarle truly encourages an open dialogue between employees and their managers. Our managers want to hear from employees about where and how they would like to grow within the company. Career pathing and development is a partnership between employee and manager, but our HR partners and advisors are available for guidance as well. 

What Employees Say:

“I love working on Albemarle because the company takes care of their workers in a lot of different ways. I have felt supported during the pandemic. I also feel supported and valued in my personal and professional development, with initiatives like the Women CONNECT Development Program.”

Working mothers aren’t forgotten here either. One employee has the final word on why she loves working for Albemarle Corporation:

“As a working single mother, I am so grateful to work at Albemarle where flexibility is given. My work-life balance is the best it has ever been because leadership sees us holistically, not just as employees or company assets; they prove to us that we matter in and outside of the office. Albemarle nurtures and cares for its employees so that we feel empowered to innovate and improve where necessary while we cheer one another on! Albemarle Corporation is by far the best company for which I have ever worked – the culture, care, and comradery are unmatched. I am truly grateful to be part of this organization.”


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