Women Love Working at This Software Company (Who Is Hiring!) — The Benefit That Makes It Stand Out

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Photo Courtesy of Veeam.

Photo Courtesy of Veeam.

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How do you measure the quality of a work environment? It’s a question many candidates ask themselves as they look for a role that’s worth the investment. 

We’d argue that the quality of a work environment is measured by something similar: The investment a company is willing to put into you. 

The average employee in the United States stays at a workplace for just four years before leaving, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One of the primary reasons employees get unsatisfied and leave? A lack of growth opportunities — otherwise known as a lack of investment in its people. 

Looking for a company that doesn’t have this pitfall? Veeam Software, the global leader in Cloud Data Management, aspires to enable all its people to do Veeamazing things. Vice President, Channel & Cloud Sales Engineering and Services Nikki Jennings would argue it walks the walk when it comes to achieving that goal. 

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“A lot of companies talk about the culture, but sometimes they don’t live up to exactly what they say they’re doing internally. But there’s just been a lot of positive feedback on the streets about Veeam, the values and what they really represent in terms of inclusion and diversity, and how we empower our employees,” Jennings said in a recent interview. “One of the important things that I love about this company and, also what I focus on, is career development. Development of our teams and the employees themselves.”

At Veeam, the quality of work alone is a valuable learning experience. It’s best-in-class product, 3.5x industry average for customer satisfaction and big-name clients mean talent can win with Veeam; You are joining an impactful team with some of the best talent around. The company has retained the agility of a start-up where everyone is heard and supported, but its evolution into a billion-dollar company continues to bring new opportunities. 

Jennings says she and other leaders invest time in connecting Veeamers with these opportunities, even at the most senior level. 

“I think a lot of folks get to a certain place and they feel like, ‘Okay, well, I’ve hit a senior level position, there’s not another avenue.’ And one thing that we’ve really focused on is internal transfers. So, other opportunities in different parts of the organization that allow colleagues to exercise new muscles or learn new disciplines that they are very interested in. We’re working with other leaders in the organization to find opportunities so that we can retain talent,” she said. 

Colleagues helping each other grow is the norm at Veeam. In fact, it’s institutionalized. Women in Green is an organization within Veeam Software that’s led by both men and women who are devoted to the investment of time, resources and networking opportunities for our employees. It offers professional curriculum, webinars, event-sponsorship and chapters that are designed to increase the career development of all Veeamers.  

Women in Green also offers a mentoring program that is specifically for women. Jennings’ has participated in many of the organizations' initiatives — from panels to its mentorship program — and said it’s been “a highlight.”

“I worked with a manager in Bucharest and she and I got to know each other and develop a friendship and a relationship and a partnership. I would say that has definitely been a highlight: To be able to learn from someone else here,” she said. 

On Jennings’ team, reports also have access to development opportunities outside of Veeam’s walls.

“We invest and focus on external certifications for the pre-sales engineers, because technology is constantly evolving and changing. So they’re growing, not just in Veeam-related ways, but also externally to help themselves,” she said. 

Ultimately, Veeam is where smart, driven but humble people win and grow with the global leader in Cloud Data Management. It's those people — and their willingness to seize the company’s opportunities — that Jennings says makes Veeam special. 

“My favorite thing about Veeam is the people, the folks that I work with,” she said. “The engineers on my team, they are so thirsty for knowledge and I’m constantly receiving emails about how they went above and beyond to get an external certification or how they went above and beyond to help a customer or partner, which is so impressive to me… I think that’s one of my favorite things.”


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