Women Over 56 Are the Least Likely To Quit Their Jobs This Year — Here’s What They’re Missing

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June 21, 2024 at 2:1PM UTC

The Great Resignation is the talk of the office, and for good reason: it’s affecting millions of professionals worldwide, and many millions more are taking part. But one generation is much less likely than the rest to join in: baby boomers.

In a recent study of 2,000 adult professionals, over half of millennials surveyed had changed careers since the pandemic; only 7% of baby boomers had made a switch.

This generation’s plans aren’t changing, either. 26% of employees say they’re planning on looking for a new job after the pandemic, but only 10% of baby boomers say the same.

What could they be missing out on? Apparently, happiness. 

People are quitting in droves for many different reasons—toxic work environments, low pay, and inflexible working conditions—but the reason why they want a new job seems to be the same: they want to be happier.

For some, this could mean better work-life balance. For others, this means a higher salary that grants them financial freedom. Whether it’s the ability to flex new skills or work from home full-time, career changers are quitting in search of something better—something happier.

Luckily, it’s worked for many of them. In the same study, 78% of adults who had changed careers during the pandemic reported feeling happier.

The 90% of baby boomers who don’t plan on changing careers may be missing out on this happiness.

Of course, they may feel happy in their positions already. They may feel like they have the work-life balance, salary, or flexibility they want from work. Maybe they love their industry and feel like they already get to flex their best skills.

At the end of the workday, changing careers isn’t the answer to all our work problems or a cure-all for making our life better. But so far, it’s shown a lot of success for those who have—and a lot more happy workers. 

Do you think changing careers makes you happier? Are certain generations missing out? Share your answer in the comments and see what other Fairygodboss’ers have to say!


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