7 Embarrassing Work Stories That’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Own

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May 24, 2024 at 5:6PM UTC
Many of us have written "See attached." in an email, only to find that we missed the actual attachment. Other of us have set our alarms to p.m. rather than a.m., and have awkwardly strolled into the office hours late. (The unluckiest of us have done both!)

But, believe it or not, these embarrassing work mishaps are nowhere near as mortifying as the seven you're about to read. I recently asked FGB'ers about the funniest things that have happened to them at work and they weighed in with work stories so embarrassing, they had to wait a while before they told them. To be fair, I'll go first:

1. Blood on the lines.

2. Momma, mind your business.

3. My poop, your problem.

4. Drop it to the floor, girl. 

5. Sisterhood of the traveling pants problem.

6. Coffee isn't the only drug at work.

7. You look familiar... in a bad way.

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