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It’s no secret that financial stress is at an all-time high. Household debt is at a record of over $14 trillion, while credit card debt exceeds $800 billion. At the same time, unemployment and financial uncertainty are at unprecedented levels, with 67% of people “financially vulnerable or coping” — so much so that money woes are taking a toll on their health and overall wellbeing, according to Achieve.

That’s why Achieve, which was founded in 2002 by co-founders Brad Stroh and Andrew Housser, is committed to providing consumers with financial solutions that help put them on a path to a brighter financial future. 

Achieve is a leading digital personal finance company that uses a relationship-driven approach, combined with the latest tech innovation to give consumers access to the solutions, resources and education they need to overcome debt or take that next step forward.

“We’re here for the millions of people who are struggling and striving to overcome debt and improve their finances,” says the company, which employs more than 2,200 professionals in Arizona, California and Texas and has been voted one of the best places to work 16 times over. “Now, more than ever, Americans need relief from financial distress.”

Achieve has built a team of experts with the knowledge, experience and relationships to offer solutions at scale and bring their mission to fruition.

The award-winning culture of the Achieve.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what it’s like to work at Achieve— and why employees love the company!

How company values and an emphasis on diversity and inclusion drive success.

Achieve’s values — care (for everyone), get better (every day), act with integrity (every time) and collaborate (with everybody) — are at the heart of everything they do, with their values defining who they are and how they behave.

“We strive to make the world around us a better place by improving access to financial solutions, elevating financial literacy in the communities we serve, and supporting everyone on their journey to a brighter and more sustainable future,” says Linda Luman, executive vice president of human relations.

Of course, part of that process involves supporting everyone in the company on their own journeys, too.

Achieve is a member of the Fintech Racial Equality Coalition, for example, which supports the company’s ongoing efforts to create opportunity and equality for all and address inequality in the fintech industry. Meanwhile, the Achieve scholarship program, which launched in 2020, offers $50,000 to tackle the student loan debt crisis and encourage the next generation. For the same reason, in combination with Junior Achievement of Arizona, members of the team come together in classrooms across Phoenix to educate K- through 8th-graders on the value of the dollar and critical financial skills.

And the organization doesn’t stop there. Achieve also puts forth other charitable initiatives like Red Nose Day, which donates $10,000 to fight education inequality, hunger, health issues and homelessness, as well as the Freedom Foundation Charitable Fund, which provides grants to nonprofits that align with their mission and directly aid the Arizona and San Francisco Bay Area communities. The “There With Care of the Bay Area” program also provides support for families during medical crises.

All in all, Achieve has spent thousands of hours and contributed countless dollars to organizations that help solve key societal problems and support people in need. All while doing their job in helping people help themselves.

Achieve also understands that diversity brings more value to their business, which is why they are driven to add talent from all different backgrounds to their teams across all levels of the company. The company has many diversity-focused employee resource groups (ERGs) that are open to all, whether a member of the ERG or an ally. These include Black/African American, LGBTQ+, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Veterans and Women’s Leadership, with more to come. 

“At Achieve, we believe our people are the key drivers of our market-defining innovation and success,” the company says. “We strive to nurture an inclusive, caring culture that positions everyone to do their best work.”

Achieve believes that “making a difference in the lives of millions starts when you make a change in yours.” So find your fit — they’re hiring! Click the link below to browse current job opportunities.

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