You Have Billionaire Potential if You Can Answer 'Yes' to These 8 Questions

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May 19, 2024 at 9:31PM UTC

Mark Zuckerburg. Oprah Winfrey. Jeff Bezos. The billionaires of the world feel supremely unrelatable, probably because they’re always jet-setting around, managing millions, speaking at events and running the brands we use everyday. 

But when you sit back and realize they’re just people  with characteristics and personalities of their own  it’s easier to relate — and maybe even envision yourself in their shoes. 

While the biggest factors in becoming a billionaire are generational wealth and, arguably, luck, the Earth’s self-made billionaires certainly have some key characteristics in common. Here are eight personality questions that people with billionaire potential can answer ‘yes’ to. 

1. Are you hard to please? 

Billionaires always believe in their vision and won’t rest until the real-life version of their product is the best it can be. They are never complacent with their good results and are always pushing for better. 

2. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Billionaires are able to strike out alone and invest in their ideas, no matter how difficult it is. The ability to blaze trails and creatively solve problems is a key characteristic of the entrepreneurial mind — and the billionaire. 

3. Are you empathetic?

Big business deals, successful teams and brand loyalty all boil down to one thing: an intuitive, empathetic person at the helm. Empathy is key to being a billionaire, because billionaire activities require real friendships, real connections and real buy-in. Nobody likes a jerk. 

4. Are you creative? 

Billionaires are able to think outside of the box. That’s why people come to them for solutions. In order to create a world-changing product or advise world-changing institutions, you have to have a natural knack for creativity. 

5. Are you willing to take risks? 

No one makes money by shoveling it away. Billionaires are able to take calculated risks to advance their interests and remain calm in the face of stressful, risky situations. 

6. Are you coachable?

While billionaires need to be tenacious and self-assured, they also need to be willing to listen. No one knows it all, and billionaires are able to understand that there are people out there whose opinions matter more than theirs. To be a billionaire, you don’t need to be an expert at everything: you need to have advisors whose opinions you respect. 

7. Do you think in the big picture?

Billionaires are dreamers. They have the strategic mind necessary to think about how their work will impact the world in five, ten and even twenty years, and are willing to fight through obstacles to achieve their vision. 

8. Are you able to motivate a team, then delegate, delegate, delegate?

No one gets rich alone. While they may be perfectionists, billionaires don’t try to do everything alone. They are able to recruit a team they trust and delegate even the most important tasks to the people who report to them so they can get back to the vision and their brand. Micromanagers need not apply. 

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