Your Inside Look at 7 Companies With Fun, Supportive, and Empowering Cultures

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April 23, 2024 at 8:21PM UTC

What are you looking for in your next role? For many modern jobseekers, the answer to this question is multifaceted: a competitive salary, rewarding position, important work, and more are all common answers. Another key priority? A culture that will support your full self while empowering you to grow and have fun (both at work and beyond!). Today, we’ll explore 7 companies that offer just that — and more!


Alteryx unleashes the power of data analytics to help people everywhere solve business and societal problems. At Alteryx, they work hard to drive a business and workplace culture that brings equity and inclusion into every strategy, process, and function. And Alteryx takes a holistic approach when creating a supportive and empowering workplace where women love to work. For instance, they have a very active Woman and Allies ERG, which brings rich programming throughout the organization. Alteryx has also created a pay equity analysis tool to help themselves and other organizations see any disparity in pay for various demographics. They are also dedicated to equitable hiring practices, ongoing pulse checks to monitor their progress in creating a more inclusive workplace, and providing education that empowers their people to be successful in their career progression and goals (such as via their Women’s Executive Shadow Program). There are many reasons to consider joining their culture where everyone feels that they belong and that can grow on for their own unique career journey…

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Capital Group

At Capital Group — a company with the goal to improve people’s lives through successful investing — you define yourself by more than just a job title. Capital Group wants you to feel comfortable bringing your true self to work! They value your talents, your traditions, and your take on the world — everything that makes you unique. As such, Capital Group offers a culture, compensation, benefits (which range from mental health and work-life balance to retirement savings and career advancement help) and opportunities that empower their associates to build successful and prosperous careers. And this supportive culture is truly appreciated by the women who work at Capital Group. For instance, Capital Group “encourages associates to be open, to share, and to celebrate their differences and what makes them unique,” says Laura Wheeler, senior manager of Investment Operations at the firm. “The structure, the history, and the ethos of this company make sure that, throughout the fabric of the organization, you know you are valued, people care, and you are important.” 

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CarGurus — the all-in-one platform that’s moving the entire car shopping journey online and guiding customers through each step — strives to build and nurture a global culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. They envision a workplace where everyone knows they can bring the ultimate expression of themselves and their potential to work every day: where they don’t just fit, they thrive. For CarGurus, this means creating a workplace that reflects the diversity of their customers and the world around us — where employees are surrounded by managers and peers who reflect their diverse identities and an environment where they have an equal opportunity to grow. CarGurus strives to build a culture and a community where they embrace and celebrate differences and support one another with empathy. From employee resource groups and learning & development programs to transparent and fair compensation, promotion, and reward processes, CarGurus is actively working toward creating this inclusive and supportive workplace culture everyday.

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Johnson & Johnson

For 130 years, the Johnson & Johnson family of companies has been committed to caring for people around the world. They aspire to help billions of people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. And Johnson & Johnson knows that their work requires new modes of thinking and collaboration. It requires inclusive collaboration among people of many different talents. It requires a workforce with the background and experience to connect with the needs of customers and communities everywhere. As such, Johnson & Johnson values and honors the unique perspectives and approaches that each person brings to their work. Johnson & Johnson recognizes that their differences bring richness to their work environments and help them better connect with new ways of thinking and the needs of the people they serve. This “welcoming, friendly and collaborative culture” (as this VP of Digital and Data Science Product Management puts it) empowers all employees to be heard and actively contribute to bringing life-changing health innovations to those who need them. 

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US Foods

With a promise to help customers Make It, US Foods is one of America’s great food companies and a leading foodservice distributor, partnering with approximately 250,000 restaurants and foodservice operators to help their businesses succeed. And, in order to ensure that their team succeeds too, US Foods places professional development programs at the center of their value proposition to attract, develop, and retain their women's talent and fuel their success. For example, US Foods is proud to be a long-standing supporter of the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF), which aims to accelerate the advancement of women leaders. US Foods also supports and empowers their team via training, mentoring, e-learning, professional development, and more! And this support is truly felt by the women who work there. Just ask their Senior Vice President of Field Sales, Merchandising, and Marketing, who says “I have always been given the opportunity to take on a lot of different roles. The company has always empowered me to do whatever I put my mind to.”

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Wabtec Corporation

Wabtec Corporation — a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services — is always looking for people who can bring fresh perspectives and life experiences to their teams. So, if you’re looking for a place that values your unique curiosity, passion, and desire to learn, then Wabtec is the right place for you! Regardless of your role, you’ll collaborate with a team of people who share your passion and help you succeed. As for their culture, Wabtec strives every day to be the most fair, equitable, diverse, and inclusive company. They are building a culture where you can be you — a place where differences are not only acknowledged but celebrated. Wabtec is a place where diverse experiences and an inclusive workplace fosters greater creativity and innovation, working as one to put them on a path to a better shared future. And they’ll support you along the way with employee resource groups, collaborative teams, rotational programs, and more!

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West Monroe

West Monroe is a digital consulting firm that was born in technology but built for business, partnering with companies in transformative industries to deliver real, measurable results. They believe that digital is a mindset — not a project, a team, or a destination — and it’s something companies become, not something they do. That’s why West Monroe works in diverse, multidisciplinary teams that blend industry expertise with deep operational and technology capabilities to create quantifiable, financial value for their clients. Throughout it all, West Monroe also ensures that they are investing in their employees: helping to build the next generation of leaders by providing many opportunities to grow, learn new skills, find mentorship, and make a real difference! And that’s not all — the work is incredibly rewarding, too! As Kylea Robb, the Senior Manager, Consumer & Industrial Products at West Monroe, says: “my favorite value at West Monroe is making work fun, and the way that we're really able to do that is by showing up authentically.”

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