Business Development Executive


Lima, Peru


Position summary

gocio al identificar prospectos y cerrar ventas; mantiene relaciones con clientes. Asimismo, es responsable del cumplimiento de las actividades relacionadas a ventas en su localidad.)

  • Researches potential customers and qualified contacts on his/her own accord. (busca clientes potenciales y contactos calificados por sus propios medios.)

  • Generates the first contact with potential customers and contacts. (genera el primer contacto con clientes potenciales)

  • Plans customer visits and creates a plan of action. (agenda visitas con clientes y construye planes de acción)

  • Visits current and potential customers and carries out sales conversations with the goal of obtaining new & cross sales. (visita clientes actuales y potenciales con el objetivo de obtener nuevos negocios.)

  • Creates sales presentations for potential customers. (crea presentaciones de ventas para clientes potenciales) Completes follow up on potential customers on all new sales. (da seguimiento con clientes potenciales para todas las nuevas ventas)

  • Maintains all current market data on competition and forwards any observations to BD & Sales Manager. (se mantiene actualizado respecto al mercado actual y los competidores y comparte observaciones o información relevante con el Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios)

  • In conjunction with management decides special discounts or tariffs to customers. (en conjunto con la gerencia, establece tarifas especiales o descuentos para clientes)

  • Accepts queries from customers and writes offers with the support of Operations / Customer Service. (atiende las consultas de los clientes y crea propuestas comerciales con la ayuda del equipo de Operaciones y Servicio al Cliente)

  • Writes visit-reports and forwards these immediately to the BD & Sales Manager. (escribe reportes de sus visitas y comparte información relevante de inmediato con el Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocio)

  • Draws-up his travel-expense-report and forwards it immediately to the responsible party. (genera su reporte de gastos y lo envía inmediatamente al responsable.)

  • Maintains sales-statistics and forwards these to the BD & Sales Manager. (crea estadísticas de ventas y las envía al Gerente de Desarrollo de Negocios)

  • Attends sales-meetings as well as training and schooling. (asiste a juntas de ventas y capacitaciones)

  • Represents the corporation at trade-fairs and conventions. (representa a la organización en convenciones y ferias de negocios)

  • Constantly informs himself/herself regarding the newest developments in the market and new products or services of the own company as well as of the competition. (se mantiene actualizado respecto a nuevos desarrollos del mercado y nuevos productos o servicios de la compañía y de sus competidores.)

  • Be available for national and international business trips, if applicable. (cuenta con disponibilidad para viajes nacionales e internacionales cuando sea aplicable.)

What your background should look like

  • 3 - 5 years of experience in pharmaceutical supply chain sales environment, including Operations Management (Outbound, inbound and distribution & packaging). (3 a 5 años de experiencia en ventas dentro de la industria farmacéutica y/o ramo logístico, incluyendo Gerencia de Operaciones (salidas, entradas, distribución y empaque)

  • Extensive knowledge of biotechnology sales environment, biologics industry and related procedures, regulations, and standards, as well as quality programs is highly desired. (amplio conocimiento del ámbito de ventas de biotecnología, industria biológica, así como conocimiento de procedimientos, regulaciones, estándares y programas de calidad en industrias relacionadas son deseables.)

  • Detailed GMP, GSP, GDP and GCP expertise (experiencia en buenas prácticas de manufactura, almacenaje, distribución y ensayos clínicos)

  • Knowledge of business theory, business processes, management, budgeting, and business office operations. (conocimientos en negocios, procesos, administración, presupuestos y operaciones de negocios.)

  • Excellent interpersonal relationships. (Excelentes relaciones interpersonales)

  • Be proactive and volunteer to lead internal initiatives, even if not covered in this job description. (Capacidad de tomar la iniciativa y responsabilidades)

  • Advanced computer skills, including but not limited to MS Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, ERPs, Transportation Management Systems. (Habilidades computacionales)

What Cencora offers

All team members globally are provided with basic life insurance, personal accident insurance, business travel accident insurance, and EAP resources at no cost. Additional country-specific benefits such as healthcare, sick leave, death and disability, retirement, as well as perks and allowances may be provided. Details of programs vary by location.


Full time

Affiliated Companies

Affiliated Companies: World Courier del Peru S.A.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Cencora is committed to providing equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or membership in any other class protected by federal, state or local law.

The company's continued success depends on the full and effective utilization of qualified individuals. Therefore, harassment is prohibited and all matters related to recruiting, training, compensation, benefits, promotions and transfers comply with equal opportunity principles and are non-discriminatory.

Cencora is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities during the employment process which are consistent with legal requirements. If you wish to request an accommodation while seeking employment, please call 888.692.2272 or email [email protected]. We will make accommodation determinations on a request-by-request basis. Messages and emails regarding anything other than accommodations requests will not be returned