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Fairygodboss Community Guidelines
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Fairygodboss strives to make it easier for career-minded women to connect and engage with each other.  We follow these specific principles and guidelines to ensure that our community encourages expression while creating a safe environment.

Our Community Guidelines 

Be open and original — Identity & Authenticity:

  • When it comes to our community, we invite users to be open about their identity and contribute to credible conversations and content that are meant to forge connections with others.

    • In the interest of preserving and building an authentic community, we reserve the right to remove postings that aren't representing a single person. 

    • We hope to see insights that reflect a balanced perspective and that community members will discuss both positive and negative angles on a given topic. 

Be meaningful and add value — Safety & Flagging:

  • For the benefit of our community’s user experience, we promote adding to a conversation or environment through meaningful dialogue, content, and resources. We reserve the right to remove accounts or content that:

    • Encourages discrimination, violence or hate speech. 

    • Physically or sexually exploits people or promotes pornographic content, nudity or erotica.

    • Threatens or organizes violence or support violent organizations.

    • Is used to buy or sell illegal drugs, contraband, counterfeit goods, or illegal weapons.

    • Impersonates another person or organization.

    • Supports bullying, harassment or harmful advice of any kind.

Be actionable — Spam & Quality: 

  • To highlight high-quality and useful experiences, we prioritize postings that are actionable and provide consistent, enriching experiences. We remove spam and other disruptive content, including:
    • Unsolicited commercial messages or excessively self-promotional content.

    • Attempts to artificially boost views and other metrics.

    • Repetitive or unwanted posts.

    • Off-domain redirects, cloaking or other ways of obscuring where a link leads.

    • Posts that are not user-friendly in formatting (e.g. ALL CAPS or that are consistently incomprehensible).

    • False information or misleading content or behavior.

Be respectful — Intellectual property & other rights: 

  • To respect the rights of people on and off Fairygodboss, please don’t:
    • Infringe anyone's intellectual property, privacy or other rights.

    • Do anything or post any content that violates laws or regulations.

    • Accuse someone by name of committing a crime unless it’s a publicly reported issue.

    • Use a name, logo or trademark that does not belong to you.

    • Post personally identifiable information such as bank account numbers, health records, social security numbers or other information that could pose a risk to your safety and security.

    • Share your password, let anyone access your account or do anything that might put your account at risk.

    • Sell access to your account, username, or otherwise transfer account features for compensation.

    • Disrespect others with different cultural practices, attitudes, and beliefs.

Our Job Review Guidelines

In keeping with Fairygodboss’ social mission to improve the workplace for women, we follow certain principles and guidelines to ensure that our reviews are authentic, informative, and valuable.

The Golden Rule: Be constructive - not destructive:

  • We will remove reviews that are comprised entirely of criticism of individuals, and that contain insults or derogatory or offensive language. Remember, the most effective way to disagree is to write your own compelling insights.

  • Be candid and fair:

    • The best reviews are open and honest about your perspective and experiences and focus on what it’s like being a woman in the workplace. 

    • We hope to see insights that reflect a balanced perspective that discusses both positives and negatives.

  • Be respectful and provide truthful, relevant information:

    • Fairygodboss is not a place for users to discuss their personal grievances with managers or colleagues. While we do appreciate your perspective, discussion of hate speech and discrimination, or groups and people that advocate either is not helpful to others.

    • Please respect any contractual obligations you may have with your employer, including non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. 

  • Be anonymous:

    • We believe in an individual's right to privacy, so they can speak openly and honestly without fear of reprisal. Every review is displayed anonymously.

    • Reviews that include personally identifying information about other individuals is prohibited.

    • We believe in the value of anonymous speech as a tool for promoting honest opinions and forthright dialogue. In the interest of preserving anonymity, we reserve the right to remove or refrain from publishing personally identifying information (including usernames).

We reserve the right to edit or remove postings that do not meet our Community and Job Review Guidelines, Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. You may report any review you believe violates our guidelines but please do not flag/report a review just because you disagree with it. If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach us at info@fairygodboss.com.

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