Fairygodboss Co-Founders Georgene Huang & Romy Newman

Dear Fairygodboss Members, Friends and Fans,

We are thrilled to announce that Fairygodboss has received a major venture capital investment from GSV Acceleration. This new financing is going to help us build our product and our team so that Fairygodboss continues to be the largest and fastest-growing career community for women.

Three years ago, when we founded Fairygodboss, we started out with the belief that the workplace could be better for women. Together we had a combined 20 years of climbing the ladder in corporate America. We’d seen and experienced great employers, managers and workplace cultures...but also many barriers and challenges for women. While the immediate catalyst for Fairygodboss was Georgene’s experience of being unexpectedly fired and having to look for work while two months pregnant, we’ve now seen women at all life stages, and in a wide range of circumstances, seek support and community around their career.

At a time when women’s educational attainment and economic and earning power has never been greater, we believe there’s immense opportunity and power in building a career community for women. The community we are proud to be building is one in which women lift each other up and help each other get promoted, get paid, persevere in the face of bias, and survive the challenge of managing work-life balance.

This year, we’ve achieved a few exciting milestones: we’ve surpassed 1 million monthly unique visitors to the site, signed on over 60 corporate partners, and now we’ve joined a relatively small group of women founders, a cohort that unfortunately received just 2% of venture capital funding in 2017.

We could not be happier that GSV and the pioneering Deborah Quazzo is joining our board. We are honored to have Deborah’s direction and wisdom in our corner as we move forward.

As ever, we are grateful to our passionate users and fans, to our corporate partners, to our advisors, to our phenomenal employees, and to our infinitely supportive spouses and families. One year ago, Fairygodboss hired our 4th employee. This week, we will hire our 23rd — and we are energized and excited for a future where Fairygodboss’ business success also helps to create a better world for our daughters.

—Georgene & Romy