Nike just announced that they are expanding their parental leave policy!

Reuters reports that previously birth mothers received 6 weeks of maternity leave, but now they will be able to take a minimum of 14 paid weeks off after the birth of a child and may even be able to take more, depending on medical conditions. Fathers and adoptive parents will also be able to take paid time off after birth, for up to 8 weeks. Previously they were not able to take any paid time off.

In addition, Nike is offering all full-time employees (those working 30 hours or more per week) 8 weeks of paid time off in order to take care of an ill family member. Previously, eligible mployees would have only been able to take advantage of unpaid leave under FMLA rules. 

Now, starting from their first day at work, new Nike employees can just "do it" when it comes to paid time off for family members or the birth of a new child. 


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