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One Place Where the Deck is NOT Stacked Against Women in Tech
© foxyburrow / Adobe Stock

We all know that women constitute a minority of the tech workforce. Yet even among companies that say they’re committed to attracting and retaining more women in tech, progress has been minimal. And new research suggests why: qualified women are discouraged from entering the field in the very early stages of the recruiting process. 

According to a recent study, when companies visit top universities to recruit engineering students, often these sessions are not particularly female-friendly. Researchers attended nearly 100 introductory recruiting sessions conducted by dozens of companies at an elite university, and they reported that presenters — most of whom were men — often made sexist jokes or displayed sexist imagery, and they alluded to competitive environments with a lack of women engineers. 

Approximately a quarter of the students attending the observed sessions were women, many of whom left feeling concerned about pursuing a career in tech. 

While these findings are bleak, there is some good news: On March 26, Fairygodboss is hosting a virtual career fair, exclusively for women in tech, where participants will have the chance to connect directly with recruiters at top-rated companies for women. Our virtual event is designed to level the playing field and create a job-seeking safe space where women technologists are no longer at a disadvantage.  

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The best part? The participating companies are known for championing women in the workplace and have made explicit commitments to hiring more women in technology.

Join us! You’ll be able to browse thousands of open jobs at these companies, and communicate through text and video chat with prospective employers. And don’t forget to turn to Fairygodboss to hear directly from other female employees at these companies about how they promote work-life balance, advance women and promote diversity, what kinds of salaries they offer, and what they provide in terms of parental leave

Even if you’re not actively job searching, do yourself a favor and keep your options open. Register today for this truly women-in-tech-friendly event!

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