Mary Beth Ferrante

If you come from a traditional corporate career, the idea of part-time work may remind you of odd jobs you held throughout high school and college, not something that can bring in decent income and also be fulfilling and rewarding. In reality, a part-time position is a great option in between being a full-time stay-at-home mom and holding a full-time job. A recent study conducted by The Mom Project found that 70 percent of moms would ideally work somewhere between 20 and 39 hours a week. Not surprisingly, moms value flexible hours and the ability to get their work done around the times when their kids need them most.

If you fall into the 70 percent looking for the flexibility of a part-time job, look no further! Here is a list of 10 part-time jobs that might be that “Goldilocks” position for you.


Quite simply, a consultant is someone who provides expert advice professionally. If you have the expertise to share, there are likely companies that are willing to pay for your guidance and counsel. The benefit of consulting is that you can tailor your services specifically to your strengths and schedule.


With more and more online education programs available, there is an increased opportunity to find teaching positions that work with your schedule and can be done entirely online. Tutoring and college test preparation are other teaching opportunities that are often done part-time and can offer a high hourly rate.

Web Developer / Designer

For computer-savvy part-timers, there is ample opportunity to work remotely in this field and often times the work can be done around your schedule. With virtually every company requiring a presence online, the need for highly-talented developers only continues to rise.


Another wide-ranging title. Sales roles focus on building relationships, so whether you are visiting clients for in-person meetings or serving as an inbound sales representative, sales roles have long been seen as some of the most flexible in a corporate setting. They often have a high earnings ceiling, too.

Virtual Executive Assistant

If you love to organize and enjoy general office responsibilities, this type of job may be perfect for you. The demand for virtual assistants is common among entrepreneurs but is growing to support established companies as well. If you possess any specialized skills, such as editing, research, graphic design, etc., you can often command higher rates and do work directly aligned with your strengths.

Graphic Designer

This position requires specialized skills and expertise in platforms such as Adobe Creative Suite, but a simple search on Indeed for part-time graphic designer resulted in over 2,000 positions and many of them are also remote.

Wine Merchandiser

Currently featured here on FairyGodBoss, this is a great position for those who enjoy sales, building relationships and have a flair for designing displays!

Customer Service Professional

Call centers across industries require help not only during traditional business hours but often around the clock, making them prime positions for flexible hours. Many companies such as Humana and Synchrony Financial even offer the ability to work in these customer service roles from home.


Companies like StichFix and MM.LaFleur are hiring talented stylists to create the looks their customers want and offer the flexibility you need! MM.LaFleur is currently looking for part-time stylists to work in their showrooms, while StichFix regularly hires part-time stylists who can work remotely.

Ride Share Driver

The quintessential side gig turned into a part- or full-time job. Drivers love the ability to create their own schedules and decide how many hours they work each week. Plus, you never know who might be your next fare.

Beyond these roles, there are so many more! Start with a simple search for part-time positions on the traditional listing sites, but then focus on the job boards dedicated to flexibility like,,, and Part-time may be a perfect solution for you to bring in income, work in a role you enjoy and have the flexibility you desire!

Part time work for moms is easy to find if you know the right places to look. Plus, there are tons of companies that particularly appeal to mothers, like the following, according to FlexJobs.

1. Lionbridge

"Lionbridge is a world leader in language translation and development and testing services. It assists with language development, including products, documentation, websites, software, marketing materials, e-learning content, multimedia, and training. Lionbridge helps clients by translating content, localizing content, interpreting conversations, developing software and products, and providing quality assurance measures and testing. It hires for many part-time, remote online mapping analysts, Internet ad assessors, and social media Internet assessors."

2. Berlitz

"Berlitz is a global educational company that has been engaging students with its proven method of learning new languages since 1878. As a leading provider of cultural and language educational programs, Berlitz offers diverse classes designed to assist customers in becoming proficient in new languages as well as understanding a language’s cultural context. If you have expertise in another language, Berlitz offers lots of part-time language instructors for specific languages, such as Spanish, Japanese, and Indonesian."

3. Cigna

"Cigna is an international health services company that maintains a presence in over 30 countries, serving over 90 million customers around the world. Cigna sells life, accident, and supplemental health insurance, as well as health coverage for expatriate employees of multinational corporations. As an employer, it hires for part-time positions, some with telecommuting options. Its currently hiring for a part-time insurance sales consultant, administrative assistant associate, and personal advocate care."

4. Raycom Media

"Raycom Media is an employee-owned broadcast media company that owns or provides services for over 60 television stations across more than 40 markets in 20 U.S. states. One of the country’s largest privately owned broadcasters, Raycom Media’s stations cover more than 14 percent of U.S. television households. The company hires for part-time jobs in various cities across the U.S.— associate producer, assistant news specialist, receptionist, and editor are of its part-time offerings."

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Mary Beth Ferrante is the owner and founder of Live.Work.Lead., an organization dedicated to working with companies to retain top female talent by supporting women navigate their first critical year of becoming a new parent.  Live.Work.Lead. works with new and expecting moms through 1:1 and through group programs.  They also provide training to managers on the maternal wall and how to better support their employees planning for and returning from parental leave. Prior to founding Live.Work.Lead., Mary Beth was an SVP of Business Strategy for a Fortune 100 company. In addition, Live.Work.Lead.offers Virtual "Mommy and Me" Classes designed for Working Professionals