2 Leaders Share How They’ve Progressed Their Careers as Women in Tech

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Marnie Bull and Madalyn Zimmer

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May 23, 2024 at 3:38AM UTC

When Marnie Bull began her career at Computershare in 1998, she was an Administrator; however, thanks to the opportunities around her, she was able to evolve her career as she wanted. “I took part in a management trainee program for three years,” she tells us. This program gave her exposure to Computershare Technology Services (CTS) and directly enabled her to move into an IT Analyst role in CTS. This isn’t the end of her career journey either!

“Over time, I moved into more project management roles at locations around the world,” Marnie tells us. Now, she’s returned to the technology side of the business and took on her current role as Global Development Manager for the Plans Business in July 2018.

This ability to try different roles and truly define your own career path is far from an uncommon story at Computershare. Just ask Madalyn Zimmer, who currently serves as the Head of the Office of the CIO for Issuer Services and Head of Delivery. Madalyn shares that in her over 25 years at Computershare, “I've held many roles throughout my time here across both our business units and within CTS.” Madalyn notes that this has been possible due to Computershare’s emphasis on supporting career progression. “My career has always been developed, and I've had wonderful opportunities here,” she says. 

Throughout the company, Madalyn explains that Computershare encourages, “all of our staff to come up with their own career development plans, and we use those plans to work with each of our team members to identify what it is they want to do within Computershare and how to get them there.”

Recently, we spoke with Marnie and Madalyn about their career journeys and the opportunities Computershare has brought them — and why it’s a great place for you to grow your own career, too. Here’s what they have to say.

Describe your current role.

Marnie: I lead a team of approximately 250 people who develop software to support our Share Plans business. We have a team of various disciplines around the software development life cycle, including Analysts, Development and Quality Engineers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers and Architects.

Madalyn: On a day-to-day basis, I support our global CIO in CTS Issuer Services, and that extends across a variety of areas such as finance, risk, audit, acquisitions, talent acquisition and communications. In addition to that, I look after our delivery teams, which include our Scrum Masters, Quality Testers and Business Analysts around the globe, and we use those roles to source our delivery squads, consistently engaging with those teams to source our squads and deliver the products and services that we develop in Issuer Services.

What do you love about your job?

Marnie: I work with a great team and have flexibility around my home life, which really makes a big difference to me now being a parent. But Computershare is also a family — I always know that I have colleagues around the world who are willing to look out for me whenever I need them.

Madalyn: I love my job! On any given day, I can work across a wide range of areas and topics, it's ever-changing. 

What makes Computershare a great place to work?

Marnie: There are two things for me that make Computershare a great place to work. Number one, you feel like you're part of a big family, and number two, because the business never stands still — there are always opportunities to do something different.

We have a number of different business lines: there are technology opportunities across the globe. We have lots of opportunities if you decide to make a change in your career while you work for us. I’ve benefited from that over the years, too.

Madalyn: My number one reason for considering Computershare a great place to work is the people. I've made so many great friends and coworkers at Computershare during my career. Additionally, I’ve always found the leadership here to be excellent, as is our “purple” culture.

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