3 Unique Promises This Global Wellness Technology Company Makes to Its Employees and Community

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April 16, 2024 at 2:14AM UTC

At WW, employees don’t just go to work and do a job. Rather, they help equip people to make healthy decisions and, ultimately, change their lives. WW is a global wellness technology company that is inspiring millions of people to adopt sustainable, healthy habits that they’ll actually hold onto for life.

Through engaging digital experiences, group accountability meetings, workshops and programs, WW inspires people to move more, eat healthier, sleep better and shift their mindsets without sacrificing the lifestyles they love or their favorite foods. With nearly six decades of experience and expertise in behavioral science, WW delivers holistic wellness to the communities it builds — and its employees are the heart of those communities.

The company makes sure that they practice what they preach by implementing programs that also empower employees — and inspire them by connecting employees with WW members.

“WW hosts global town hall meetings and, in these meetings, employees have the opportunity to hear from inspiring WW members who share their incredible stories and life-changing journeys with WW. Sharing these special moments with our members gives our employees the opportunity to celebrate them and is a reminder of how meaningful being a part of WW truly is and the impact it has on millions of lives.” Keep reading to learn more about the company's initiatives for supporting member and employee wellness, their competitive benefits, and more!

What are WW’s core values?

WW’s core values are outlined in our Impact Manifesto. Not every company has the opportunity to impact the lives of millions. We do.

We are a wellness company that’s powered by the world’s leading sustainable weight-loss program. We believe that healthy living is a human right, and we aspire to make wellness accessible to all — not just the few. We inspire healthy habits for real life. For people, families, communities, the world — for everyone. This purpose drives every business decision we make.

The unique promises we make to all we serve are:

  1. We know you and meet you where you are.

  2. We help you build powerful habits, rooted in science.

  3. We enable you to find and form inspired communities.

 Describe 1-5 employee benefits that support parents who work at WW.

  1. Medical coverage for artificial reproductive therapy such as IVF and egg freezing as well as financial assistance for adoption and surrogacy.

  2. Paid parental leave that is equitable for all parents, regardless of gender, and no matter how they grow their family.

  3. SNOO bassinet rental when a newborn joins the family.

  4. The Kunik virtual employee resource group and info hub for caretakers.

  5. Monthly financial wellbeing workshops and tools to support financial planning and decisions at various life stages.

WW has always placed people and wellness at the center of our company. And, this year, we learned that flexibility is the key to creating a work environment that supports each employees’ wellness. Work from Wherever (#WfW), WW’s new global work philosophy, empowers our employees to shape when, where, and how they work to achieve the best possible results. 

  • Human-centric design: We embrace the future of work as human-centric; employee wellbeing is the pillar we design work around, not the office or a location.

  • Employee-driven flexibility: We empower our employees to craft flexible work schedules of where, when, and how they work best.

  • Remote-friendly policy: We support our employees to Work from Wherever, whether that's fully remote, in-person, a mix of both, or somewhere else. We do not prefer one over the other.

  • Clubhouse office environment: We are reimagining our offices with a Clubhouse mindset: a cultural hub designed for innovation, collaboration, and connection.

  • Evolve Continuously: We commit to embracing change as the norm and will experiment, iterate, and build together as we design the future of Work from Wherever.

  • Follow the science: We meet or exceed the health and safety regulations set by public health experts to keep our employees safe. We trust that every employee will do their part to keep their coworkers and loved ones safe.   

What career development opportunities can job seekers expect at WW? How is career pathing approached?

WW has a comprehensive suite of leadership and professional development offerings that are designed to equip WW employees with the inspiration and resources needed to craft a meaningful and personalized plan for their growth and development. These offerings include: opportunities to connect with other WW employees and expand one’s network through our Mentor Circles program, a massive library of online eLearnings, and a series of selective leadership development programs that help prepare the next generation of leaders for success as they progress in their careers.

Together with our Global Career Framework, a transparent and consistent way of organizing jobs at WW, employees have the tools necessary to understand what opportunities are available at WW, what is expected for each role, and how to shape a career plan that’s right for them.

What’s one thing WW does — whether a formal policy or program, or more in terms of office culture — that you think is particularly unique or unexpected?

WW regularly hosts incredible events for employees using their knowledge of the unique power of community on wellbeing and engagement. These events include candid interviews with our most senior leaders, talks with external thought leaders to inspire employees, and opportunities for plain old fun. Last year, WW hosted a virtual talent show and a holiday concert featuring a serenade by our executive committee!


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