4 Reasons Women Love Working for This Iconic Company

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Image Courtesy of Michelin

Image Courtesy of Michelin

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April 16, 2024 at 11:58PM UTC

You’ve heard of Michelin; the tire manufacturing company is a global icon. But have you heard about the organization’s supportive environment for women and working parents?

Female employees call Michelin a “great company” and a “dream job.” But what exactly sets its culture apart from its competitors? Here are four reasons why women who are committed to their personal and professional success enjoy working at Michelin. 

1.    There are growth opportunities across the organization. 

Michelin employees are empowered to own their career paths and are supported by their managers with learning and development opportunities.\

One Fairygodboss reviewer wrote: “It’s a great company that allows you to have multiple career paths in many areas. If you have a degree in marketing but want to explore other parts of the company, you can pursue this opportunity if you perform well.”

This ability to expand your career trajectory leads many women to stay at Michelin for long periods of time, developing themselves in a supportive environment where they know they’re given the tools to succeed. 

“Working at Michelin brought me personal and professional growth,” another anonymous reviewer wrote of the company’s development opportunities. “I can picture myself staying here long-term.”

For women who seek guidance in growing their careers, Michelin fosters a vibrant women’s network and mentorship program, along with many other Business Resource groups that allow women to find inspiration and connection.

2.    Employees with growing families are awesomely supported. 

At Michelin, employees are encouraged to grow both professionally and personally. It offers  paid parental leave to biological and adoptive parents alike. 

Parents at the company have said that support for working parents doesn’t stop after your leave has ended, either. The company offers lactation facilities at corporate sites and Milk Stork,  a  breast-milk transportation system for traveling mothers at no cost to the employee. It also provides a free membership to Care@Work, which helps employees find childcare, pet walkers, senior caregivers, housekeepers and more. But more than those individual benefits, it provides a culture where family is viewed as important. 

 “I have had 2 children while working at Michelin and I have felt very supported in having a family,” one reviewer wrote on Fairygodboss.

3.    Diversity and Inclusion are proven tenets of the culture. 

Michelin believes an inclusive environment enhances its strength and potential as a company. As a result, diversity and inclusion are important parts of its culture at all levels of the organization. 

As previously mentioned, one of the surest ways Michelin provides an inclusive environment is through its active Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and Diversity & Inclusion Councils. Created and led by employees who have shared life experiences, these groups represent many interests across various diversity dimensions — from gender and sexuality to race and veteran status. Each group has an executive sponsor that works with the BRG leadership team to meet the needs of its members and support overall business initiatives, making the BRGs influential of company policy. The women’s network BRG provides ample opportunities for professional women to share their experiences, network and participate in unique leadership events, including business forums. 

The company has diversity and inclusion councils across the United States and Canada to focus on needs of diverse talent that may exist across business lines, functions or facilities. 

Michelin employs a 360-degree view of diversity, equity and inclusion by working to impact not only its organizational community, but also the communities it serves. The company’s supplier diversity program helps attract qualified small and diverse suppliers — providing innovative solutions to its marketing, manufacturing and research and development efforts while uplifting diverse businesses. 

The Michelin community also uplifts organizations doing good by offering employees opportunities to give back in their communities. According to the company, each year, Michelin employees volunteer with organizations such as the United Way, , Habitat for Humanity, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Special Olympics. The flagship Michelin community program, Michelin Challenge Education, provides tutors, mentors, lunch buddies and financial contributions to local Title 1 elementary schools. 

4.    There are comprehensive benefits. 

On top of offering a flexible, supporting and diversity-friendly company culture, Michelin offers a wide-ranging list of benefits to its employees: 

●    Competitive health benefits, retirement benefits and compensation packages

●    Lactation facilities at corporate sites and Milk Stork, breastmilk handling services for traveling mothers which ships breastmilk home overnight for traveling mothers and a free personal breast pump. 

  • Pre-conception coaching in nutrition and fertility through a maternity support program. Help in selecting an Obstetrician and Pediatrician

●    Fertility benefits for medical services and prescriptions

●    Adoption assistance 

●    Counseling services

●    Elder care and child care subsidies

●    Complimentary membership to Care.com to help employees find the resources for their care-taking needs

●    Free baby and child safety kits

Overall, more than 90% of female reviewers on Fairygodboss would recommend Michelin to other women — for the reasons listed above and the unique personal experiences that have made the company a wonderful place to work. 

“Michelin cares about each employee and wants us to have a well-rounded life. They continuously looks for ways to improve and it is not afraid of change,” one reviewer wrote. “Five out of five stars.”


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