4 Reasons Women Technologists Consider This Organization a Top Employer

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Photo Courtesy of PwC.

Photo Courtesy of PwC.

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The American technology and innovation industry contains a shortfall of approximately 1 million women, leaving some of the leading minds and talent out of the industry. Why the significant gender gap? According to the 2019 insights report by AnitaB.org, the turnover rate of women leaving jobs in technology continues to be higher compared to their male counterparts – women in this industry often say they feel less welcomed, are not compensated equitably, or are not offered similar opportunities to succeed.  

Thankfully, some organizations, like PwC, are changing tech’s status quo for the better.  The firm is committed to gender equality and creating an inclusive culture that develops their professionals to be future leaders, and it was recently named a leader by AnitaB.org’s Top Companies for Women Technologists. Across the firm, women in technology roles are making an impact and are being supported to become their best selves, both personally and professionally.  

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Here are four reasons why female technologists love working at PwC.

1. There are dynamic technology career opportunities at every level of the organization. 

PwC attracts talented technology professionals from around the world — from those starting their careers to experienced professionals. The firm’s diverse range of technology roles across its lines of service is one reason why.  

The firm is looking to hire talented individuals across 30+ technology-focused roles among various Advisory, Assurance, Internal Firm Services and Tax practice teams.  Interested in learning more?  Take the first step by joining PwC’s Talent Network today!  

2. At PwC, you can have a career that’s constantly evolving. 

The firm understands that the world — and the workforce — is always changing.  PwC Partner and Digital Talent Leader Sarah McEneaney shares that “PwC is a place where if you want to have several different careers, you can do it all within one organization… and technology provides a great access point for those opportunities.”  

As part of the firm’s multi-year digital transformation, the firm is investing in the digital upskilling of its 50,000 people and is leveraging technology and tools to provide a new digital experience to their clients.  As part of the transformation, PwC professionals are being encouraged to continuously develop their digital mindset, no matter the stage of their career.  That’s why everyone at the organization is an Infinite Learner™, constantly developing their skills alongside colleagues and clients to stay future-ready. The firm is breaking down barriers to where, when, what and how its people learn — prioritizing individual professional development.  

The firm’s Digital Accelerator program is a dynamic example of a digital upskilling opportunity available to its people.  Approximately 2,000 PwC employees have joined the program, enabling them to deepen their skills in digital specialties rapidly.  The immersive experience equips employees with key technology skills, including data analysis, automation, artificial intelligence and digital storytelling. Once employees have completed immersive digital training, they bring these skills back to their teams and clients to act as catalysts, helping to steer the organization to new heights.  

The firm has also launched a Digital Badge Program allowing for the recognition of the continued learning in today’s changing world.  Professionals learn, apply and receive formal recognition as they gain new knowledge or skills. Each badge showcases “the topics, learning methods, application requirements and assessment techniques” necessary to earn it.  An employee is encouraged to promote their digital badge as part of their online presence, which they can take with them as their career grows -- inside or outside the firm. 

PwC’s Leadership Development Experience is another way the firm invests in developing its people. The experience is grounded in PwC’s global career progression framework, the PwC Professional, outlining the attributes and behaviors its employees need at each stage of their career with the firm. The firm emphasizes frequent feedback, allowing its employees to develop their professional strengths or close gaps in a more effective and transparent way.  Employees are also encouraged to discuss their development, progression, and future career paths, which, in turn, provides the space to discuss their longer-term career aspirations and opportunities at the firm.  

3. PwC’s culture allows you to bring your entire self to work. 

One of the primary reasons people love working at PwC is its culture of inclusivity. The firm truly values building diverse teams in which employees can bring their entire selves to work through an environment supportive of well-being.  Amity Millhiser, Vice Chair and Chief Client Officer for PwC, says the firm’s dedication to empowering peoples’ identities and interests has allowed her to find a sense of personal purpose in her work.  

“The great thing that’s happening across a lot of the companies I work with —and certainly within PwC — is that people want to work someplace where they can personally identify with a sense of purpose.  For example, youth education and female leadership have always been very important to me. I feel incredibly blessed to be with a firm that also values these. That’s where those two things come together around a shared values system.” 

Working parents are also able to find their place at PwC. The firm believes you can be a great parent and professional. That’s why they offer adoption and surrogacy reimbursements, paid parental leave and phased returns from parental leave that allow you to work 60% of hours for full-time pay for a period of time when you first come back. The firm also provides paid family care leave that allows employees to take four fully paid weeks to care for ill family members, and six hours of free elder care consultations.   

PwC’s inclusive, values-driven environment shines through in the awards it has won for diversity. The firm has landed in the Top 50 Hall of Fame by DiversityInc, Forbes Best Employer for Diversity in 2019, and 2019 Best Companies for Multicultural Women by Working Mother Magazine, and was ranked among Black EOE Journal’s “Best of the Best” list. 

4. How can PwC benefit you? They can help you pay off your student loans. 

One of the unique ways PwC is helping to improve the financial well-being of its people  is by tackling student debt.  The firm views wellness holistically — it’s not only about physical and mental health, but also financial well-being.   

As a full-time associate or senior associate, you may be eligible to participate in PwC’s Student Loan Paydown benefit. The firm will pay up to $1,200 a year towards your student loans — which can really add up. Over time, this may help to reduce your student loan principal and interest obligations by as much as $10,000, and shorten loan payoff by up to three years. In fact, since the benefit began in 2016, PwC has paid off $25.9 million worth of student loan debt. 

But that’s not all.  As an employee, the firm provides its people access to a wide range of benefits that allows them to make the choices that align with their personal circumstances and lifestyle. Simply check out PwC’s Habit Bank!  You can explore healthy habits and everyday activities to incorporate and improve your overall well-being.  


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