4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Looking Zoom-Friendly When You Can't Get it Styled

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April 16, 2024 at 11:47PM UTC
The spread of COVID-19 has stopped many of our routines in their tracks — including our beauty routines. For people like me whose hair was due for an appointment since social distancing began, COVID-19 is requiring the development of some hairdressing savvy. 
While there are certainly more pressing issues being presented during this pandemic, women have been getting together to talk about this challenge in the FGB Community. How do you keep your hair looking Zoom interview or external meeting friendly when you can't get it dyed or cut? Here are five ways to keep your hair looking normal — or at least social isolation levels of normal — until we're able to go support our local hairdressers again when shelter in place rules are over. 

1. Focus on day-to-day maintenance in lieu of split end chops, coloring and texture treatments. 

Preparing your hair to last a little longer without a trim or highlight might take a little extra work. FGB'ers recommended focusing on conditioners and moisturizers during your time in quarantine — including maybe investing in color protecting products or hydrating masks. If you're looking to keep your split ends from ruining your Zoom frame, take a look at the hair routine that kept this Well+Good writer from needing a haircut for an entire year. 

2. Try new styles that keep it all under control. 

If your hair is already at the I-need-a-haircut stage, it's time to spruce up your styling. One FGB'er suggested trying putting your hair up or half-up, half-down to keep it looking polished on a call. Nailing the low bun or braid can help disguise your points of concern, too. If you need some inspiration for how, here's an entire slideshow of hairstyles that can hide uninvited roots and split ends

3. If you're going to trim, proceed with caution.

While it's usually better to leave cutting your hair to the experts, you may feel in a bit of a pinch if you have a short hairdo or bangs that need tending. You can give yourself a successful trim if you're careful and use the right tools and technique, according to a Cnet interview with Shelly Aguirre, a Stylist at Maxine Salon. 
She told the publication: "Small shears will help you control the hair coming off. Put the shears on an angle and lightly 'chip' at the ends. Less is more. You can always go back and trim a little more. If you have bangs, use caution. They are in the front and the most visible, so mistakes are easily seen. I would recommend chipping into the bangs while they are dry as hair shrinks from wet to dry."

4. Embrace your natural look! 

The best way to deal with not getting styled during social isolation? Embrace your natural look. Whether that means letting your grays grow out, rocking a protective style or calling it quits on your Keratin treatments this season, remember it's OK to just be you — on video calls and when we head back to the office. If you need some inspiration or encouragement to do so, look no further than this FGB Community post

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