5 Reasons OnDeck Is A Great Place For Women To Work

Courtesy of OnDeck

OnDeck Employees

Courtesy of OnDeck

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May 25, 2024 at 9:11AM UTC
Founded in 2007, OnDeck is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their goals by providing fast access, affordable small business loans. OnDeck has grown quickly, and is the leader in small business lending.
OnDeck has achieved business success through a strong focus on hiring top talent and creating a warm culture in which our team members can flourish. As the company continues its rapid growth, there are many exciting job opportunities. Gender diversity remains an important priority, and the company has recently added a “Women at OnDeck” group, expanded parental leave, and is experimenting with other programs and policies to support women in the workplace.
Here are five reasons OnDeck is a great place for women to work, based on member reviews and data collected by Fairygodboss:
1) Make an Impact

At the core of its work, every day OnDeck helps small businesses gain efficient access to capital that they otherwise wouldn’t have. The strong sense of purpose the work provides is highly correlated to greater employee satisfaction. Employees can see how they are helping OnDeck Customers achieve their dreams...and that’s a pretty good feeling to bring home at the end of the day.
2) Growth Means Loads of Opportunity

OnDeck has been a fast growing company - which means there is lots of opportunity to join, and to grow within the company. As one Fairygodboss member said, “OnDeck is a great place to work where you are hired based on your skillset, not the gender you happen to be. More women [are] being hired as we grow…”
Another member says, “This is a company that really cares about culture and its team members. There is an incredible amount of thought put into culture, communication and fairness. The company has been growing, and has been expanding its benefits as it grows. Lots of opportunity for promotions and growth, and women in senior leadership positions.”
3) Ambition and Hard Work are Rewarded

“If you work hard, take initiative and are a go-getter, you will be rewarded,” says Saummya Kaushal, a product manager at OnDeck. “There's always a lot to learn and the company is pretty good about empowering employees to get involved in projects they are interested in.”
Another female employee said, “I've worked at OnDeck for about 2 1/2 years and have been blown away by the experience. I work very hard and am rewarded with significant scope of ownership and learning opportunities - just what I most value.”
4) Amazing benefits

OnDeck is focused on rewarding its employees both financially and with great benefits programs -- including tuition reimbursement, top-of-the-line health insurance, career development opportunities, four-month parental leave, and more. Universally, Fairygodboss reviewers referenced one or more of these highly coveted benefits in their reviews.
5) Flexible work environment

Managers at OnDeck are focused on delivering results - and not on face time. “OnDeck is really making strides in becoming a woman-friendly place to work,” said one employee on Fairygodboss. “With programs like Women at OnDeck and a revised parental leave policy, the company is really striving to make women in Tech have a true place to grow a career and be able to have the work/life flexibility so many of us are seeking today.”
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