5 Reasons Women Love Working at Genesys

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May 18, 2024 at 3:56PM UTC

Being a people person doesn’t necessarily mean being an extrovert. It means caring about people as human beings, valuing authenticity, and wanting to help craft an experience that honors both. That’s the mission at Genesys

As a provider of customer experience and call center technology using both cloud-based and on-site software, Genesys powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best-in-class customer experiences each year. Though its technology plays a key role in helping companies in over 100 countries connect meaningfully with customers and drive business outcomes, Genesys knows that relationship building is more than a means of turning a profit. Its own workplace culture — one in which employees say hi to each other in the hallways and offer mutual support — speaks to that.

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Beyond this culture of decency, though, why exactly do women love working at Genesys? We rounded up a few of the biggest reasons below.

1. There’s flexibility.

Having both a professional and a personal life shouldn’t be a zero-sum game. Genesys knows that individuals who feel supported to take time off when they need to make for more engaged employees and ultimately more fulfilled people. That’s why the company offers work flexibility, as well as an unlimited (you read that right) paid time off policy. 

2. You’re given the tools and resources to make an impact.

Genesys believes in corporate social responsibility, as seen through its global Make a Difference program. By participating in the employee-driven, employer-supported program, workers have the opportunity not only to contribute their time and energy toward existing social causes, but to come to the table with their own ideas for making an impact. So far, Genesys employees have collaborated on everything from building bikes to help children in Cambodia get to school to packing more than 200,000 meals with Kids Against Hunger to help people impacted by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. 

3. Continued learning is baked into the culture.

As a company that’s consistently sitting on the forefront of omnichannel and cloud-based technologies, Genesys knows that cultivating a culture of continued learning can only lead to more innovation. That’s why employees who wish to expand their education receive so much support, from on demand training available 24/7, attending conferences and connecting with peers and mentors. Genesys allows you to focus and grow your own career. 

4. You can advance your financial goals.

You work hard, and you deserve to be rewarded for that work — through benefits like flexibility and continued learning, yes, but also financially. While this may be a radical concept for some employers, it’s a fully supported reality at Genesys, where employees have access to nest egg-enhancing perks like a generous 401(k) plan, commuter benefits, bonuses and wellness programs.

5. Diversity is the subject of more than lip service.

As a company with employees and customers across the globe, Genesys sees diversity as a core component of its strength. That’s why the company is invested in hiring across a rich array of experiences and identities. 

“We embrace the differences between us because they make us stronger,” Genesys’ Chief People Officer Tracy Cote said. “They make us richer and better equipped to solve problems. They give us perspective. They give us the power of empathy. And understanding others better is how we deliver the world’s best customer experiences. Race, gender, sexual orientation, age and everything else: We appreciate and honor all of our differences. Openly. Honestly. And globally.”


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