5 Reasons Women Love Working at The Hanover

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Melissa Catalfamo, IT director at The Hanover

Photo courtesy of The Hanover


At The Hanover, women make up a full 60% of its workforce — and it’s easy to see why.

It starts with corporate culture. The Hanover has a strong commitment to developing, advancing and retaining women, and its compensation and benefits package is built around the idea that employee well-being is a business imperative. After all, when your people are your most valuable asset, equipping them with more than just a paycheck is in the company’s best interest, too.

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What, exactly, do some of these employee benefits and resources look like? We spoke with Melissa Catalfamo, an IT director based out of The Hanover’s home office, to find out more.

1. Flexible work options.

Company leadership recognizes that flexible work arrangements promote diversity and employee wellness, regardless of one’s parenting status. Between telecommuting, remote work options, compressed work weeks and flextime, women at The Hanover have a variety of tools at their disposal to find their best work-life fit. 

“Hanover’s flexible work arrangement program gives me the flexibility to work remotely when needed,” said Catalfamo. “As a busy mom of three, this makes my life so much easier.”

2. Internal women’s networks and mentorship. 

The company offers several different employee resource and development groups, with an eye toward ensuring that workers, of all identities and backgrounds, are able to access the support they need at work. One such group, Women in IT, is dedicated to ensuring that women on the technology team have space to “lean in, amplify and encourage each other,” Catalfamo said. 

“Women in IT has increased my network and confidence, and it’s given me a group of women who I can always count on within the IT organization,” she said.

3. The wellness benefits don’t end with (quality) health care.

The Hanover goes the extra mile to ensure employees have access to the resources that make their lives healthier, easier and all-around better. That means offering the big things, like paid parental leave and comprehensive health care, but it also means paying attention to the bells and whistles that can make life easier — from meditation and yoga to onsite dentistry and even a seasonal farmers’ market.

“Hanover’s home office cafeteria, 24-hour convenience store and wellness center make it convenient for me to get lunch and snacks, visit a nurse practitioner and even have my laundry dry-cleaned — on the same day,” Catalfamo said. “Convenience is key to working moms!”

4. Leadership practices inclusivity, from the top down.

In addition to companywide unconscious bias training, leaders at The Hanover participate in an inclusive leadership workshop with a goal of ensuring that all workers feel empowered to rise within the organization’s ranks.

“I feel supported by my peers, mentors and senior management,” Catalfamo said. “The network that I have here lifts me up and gives me the confidence to lean in.”

5. Company values receive more than lip service.

The Hanover is defined by its CARE values — collaboration, accountability, respect and empowerment. Together, this value system results in a culture that’s supportive and inclusive, driven by positive attitudes and a desire to help one another succeed. Catalfamo added, “…these values are displayed top down and are a huge part of what makes The Hanover a great place to work.”


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