5 Signs You Should Turn a Professional Relationship Into a Genuine Friendship

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Natasha M. Nurse
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Some of the most enjoyable moments I've shared were with professional contacts who I became friends with — women who I've had real conversations with or laughed with to the point of tears. 

These women mean the world to me and working with them while deepening our friendships is such an honor. How did I turn professional connections into genuine friendships? Let’s discuss.

1. They make work seem not like work.

Have you ever felt like a client, colleague or work contact is someone made from the same cloth as you? If so, you are most likely on the road of that professional relationship turning into something more. People who we “vibe” with are people who we want to spend more time with. They make working together seem more like a hangout session. When this happens, you don’t even feel like you are working with this person — you are just being paid to be with your “homie.” This does not happen all the time, but when it does, it feels so good.   

2. You have shared ambitions.

Is it easy to make friends with people who share your ambitions? Absolutely. When you work with people with similar hopes and dreams as you, this leads to the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I am a crazy animal lover. Anytime I am working with someone who is equally passionate about animals or their pets, I usually end up in a conversation that is less work-related and more about the cute furry animals of the world. 

3. You have complimentary personalities.

Making friends can sometimes feel like courting someone. Some of the best friendships I have are relationships with people who have personality types that compliment my own. I love order, structure, planning and focus. It is easy to be friends with people who do not oppose the qualities that make up who I am. If you  work well with someone because your personalities complement each other, it is a good indicator you could potentially be more than work contacts. 

4. Your meetings become more. 

If you scheduled to speak with a work contact for thirty minutes but you engage for over an hour, this is a big indicator you really enjoy this person’s company. Shoutout to Marsha Guerrier, the Founder of the 6th Annual Women on the Rise Forum & Expo, who I became friends with in this way. Our meetings are always  more than meetings — they are sessions involving business, coaching, personal stuff, empowerment and so much more. 

5. You want to make more time for them and they make more time for you. 

Scheduling time to work with a professional contact can be difficult. When you want to add time in your schedule for non-work-related matters with this contact, you know this person is someone you care about as a friend. 

In a world where adults struggle with making friends, it is important to identify and cherish the people who are adding value to your life, wherever they come from. Take time today to share how much you appreciate the friendship you have with that work contact who has become so much more to you. 

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