5 Ways to Build Mentorship with Male Allies

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Laura Peterson and Jimmy Etheredge of Accenture

Photo courtesy of Accenture

June 21, 2024 at 11:45AM UTC
At our 2019 Galvanize event, Accenture’s Jimmy Etheredge, Chief Executive of North America and Laura Peterson, Senior Client Account Leader, discussed ways to grow a culture of equality, including the importance of men ally mentorship and sponsorship. 

5 ways to build strong male allies

1. Seek authenticity. 

Do you think you could benefit from having a mentor but aren’t sure where to look? Find the person, whether male or female, you connect with the most authentically and build the relationship from there. Sometimes it’s just about reaching out and asking the people you trust. 

2. Stop and listen. 

Too often, well-meaning people in positions of power attempt to become allies or mentors without first stopping to listen to the other party’s actual experience and needs. One way to listen and learn? Invite people in. 
For example, bring male and female colleagues together and ask them to share their experiences, offering their vantage points and advising ways to support each other. It can be a valuable learning lesson for everyone. 

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3. Be willing to accept help.

We often say no to help when it’s offered because we don’t want to “bother” people. It’s time to say yes, to accept both the allyship we’re seeking out as well as help that’s organically offered.

4. Be empathetic and in the moment.  

The most important elements of mentorship? Being present and showing empathy. Being in the moment with that person instead of thinking about your last meeting helps you become a much better mentor. Success can be dependent upon how much a mentee feels heard.  

5. Communicate your needs. 

Communicate the things you like and want to do and what you think you’re ready for. Then ask your mentor for advice in reaching those goals. Allies should not just listen but prepare to receive that information in a way that helps the other party feel “seen, safe, connected and confident.” 
When this happens, it’s truly possible for both mentors and mentees to bring their most authentic selves to work every day. 
”The key to innovation, growth and thriving into the future is creating a workplace culture of equality, where everyone is valued for their contributions and offered equal opportunity to advance in their careers.
Accenture is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity, and to achieving a 50/50 gender-equal workforce by 2025.
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