6 Surprising Reasons You'd Love Working in Financial Services

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May 29, 2024 at 9:43PM UTC
For women considering a career change, financial services may not be the first thing to comes to mind. Heck, some might even run screaming. But, for many, the industry is a pleasant surprise.
The financial services industry is increasingly more diverse, offering women more opportunity than in the past. For women looking for a career with purpose and flexibility, becoming a financial advisor could be the perfect fit. And, no, you don't need a degree in finance to do it successfully. 
At Edward Jones, professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds have the opportunity to build businesses that support both their personal and professional goals as a financial advisor. 
If you're thinking to yourself "no way" about a career in financial services, you may be surprised to learn these six reasons so many women love being a financial advisor:   
  1. The work matters: So many women want their work to make a difference. The financial advisor opportunity is a role unlike any other. It's not just about recommending financial solutions, it's helping people plan for life's big moments. Edward Jones financial advisors partner to create positive impact to improve the well-being of clients (and their fellow colleagues), and together, better their communities and society. From planning for education or leaving a legacy, financial advisors help families achieve what is financially most important to them. Talk about impact!
  2. Escape the cubicle: If your days are all starting to feel the same, becoming a financial advisor can help you say "so long" to monotony. Financial advisors' workdays can be as interesting as they make them. Some days are spent out in the community getting to know prospective clients and others are spent diligently working in the office. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 
  3. Unlock freedom and flexibility: Work/life balance is frustratingly illusive for too many female professionals. Many jobs promise it, but few meaningfully deliver. Edward Jones financial advisors work hard to grow their business but in return enjoy freedom and flexibility. Set your own office hours to meet the needs of your business and your family. Autonomy and a supportive firm culture means that, yes, you can have a successful business and attend a school recital or make it to your kid's game. 
  4. Get paid your true worth: Are you sick of your boss deciding how much you get paid? It's been well documented that many women earn less than men for the same jobs. As a financial advisor with Edward Jones, your success is your own—and that includes your earning potential. As you build your business and provide clients with the financial solutions they need, there is no ceiling on your financial success. No income caps. 
  5. You don't have to go it alone:  The prospect of building a business is certainly intimidating, but don't be scared off. There's help. You might assume financial services is cutthroat, but the culture at Edward Jones is collaborative, not competitive. From an office administrator to local mentors, financial advisors are surrounded by a network of people eager to see them succeed. You'll have help and some serious cheerleading every step of the way. Talk about a squad!
  6. Financial advisors give back: Not only does the everyday work make a difference to the families you serve, financial advisors are generous with their time and treasure. With a culture rooted in volunteerism, Edward Jones financial advisors volunteer thousands of hours of their time and serve on 17,000+ local civic, community and economic development boards. 
Surprised? Today's financial services industry offers professional woman purpose and perks. If you've never considered a career in financial services, it may be time to give it a second look. 
Becoming a financial advisor with Edward Jones is an opportunity to build a rewarding career making a meaningful difference for clients and communities. Learn more at careers.edwardjones.com.


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