8 Perfect Tattoos for People Who Love Their Careers

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Leah Thomas866
April 19, 2024 at 1:52AM UTC

Until recently, tattoos were seen as unprofessional and even prevented some people from getting job offers if they were showing in an interview. But in 2018, tattoos are seen as not only an art form, but a way of expressing yourself.

Tattoos are often sentimental. People get tattoos of things that mean something to them – like their mother’s signature, their childhood address, or the name of their husband or wife. I mean, people have even begun getting tattoos of a ring on their ring finger rather than purchasing an actual band. And now, tattoos dedicated to one’s career are becoming even more popular.

Tattoos can be classy and professional, as well as a great way of expressing your passion in life. We’ve hunted down the best career-related tattoos for some common fields to give you some serious inspiration

1. The perfect tattoo for doctors

Source: Pinterest
This dainty tattoo shows the passion it takes to be a medical professional. The stethoscope is a common symbol for doctors, and this individual had hers placed on the left side of her body, near her heart. To personalize this tattoo, you could replace the heart shaped out of the stethoscope with a symbol of your own medical specialization. 

2. An artistic tattoo for hairstylists

Source: Pinterest
Hairstylists are artists themselves. Their careers require exactly the creativity and detail that this tattoo required. But if you're looking for something smaller, another popular hairstylist-related tattoo is the outline of a pair of scissors on the index and middle fingers. 

3. A dainty tattoo for clothing designers

Source: Pinterest
We love the simplicity of this tattoo. You could make it smaller or larger, depending on your taste, and place it anywhere on your body. Another tattoo possibility for designers include sketches from your sketchbook, which look amazingly simplistic and truly showcase your special talent.

4. A tiny tattoo for photographers

Source: Pinterest
This tiny tattoo of a camera could be placed anywhere on one's body. It's easily concealable if you need to conceal it for work, but it still perfectly depicts your passion for being a photographer.

5. A simple tattoo for nurses

Source: Pinterest
We love the pop of color on this tattoo. And the simple way in which it is personalized from other healthcare professional tattoos by adding the RN at the end. Nurse tattoos could also include a stethoscope or an old-fashioned nurses' hat.

6. A sweet tattoo for teachers

Source: Pinterest
Another simple, yet easily understood tattoo. This particular design would look great anywhere on the body, and it could be done in color. Other options for teachers include a pencil, a book, or cute ABC blocks.

7. An edgy tattoo for scientists

Source: Pinterest
This molecular structure reflects one's career as a scientist of any sort. It's unique and a bit edgy – and we especially love this placement behind the woman's ear.

8. A classic tattoo for musicians

Source: Pinterest
This musical note is both elegant and understated. It's perfect for the musician wanting to express her love for music on her body. Other musician-related tattoos could include the particular instrument you play, or a few notes from your favorite song. 

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