Here’s What Differentiates This Top Tech Company for Women

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Charlotte Lewis

Charlotte Lewis, Senior Manager, Business Process Transformation Solutions at CDW . Photo courtesy of CDW

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June 23, 2024 at 5:13PM UTC

It’s no surprise that CDW landed a spot on the Fairygodboss Best Companies for Women in 2018 list and the #3 spot on the Best Tech Companies for Women 2018 list, both of which are based entirely on employees’ feedback and reviews. In fact, as part of the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, they’re celebrating Together - The Power of Women in IT, spotlighting #CDWwomen and reflecting the company’s belief that collaborative, diverse teams deliver the best results. 

For Charlotte Lewis, Senior Manager, Business Process Transformation Solutions at CDW, “it’s the relationships” she has with her peers that differentiate CDW as an employer. “Another differentiator is the emphasis on ‘group’ versus ‘singular leadership’ success,” she says. 

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She recently shared with Fairygodboss what she believes differentiates CDW, the 10-minute routine that shapes her day, her favorite piece of career advice, and more.

What do you think differentiates CDW in the market?

At CDW, the authenticity and genuineness of your peers leaves a lasting impression — it’s the relationships. Another differentiator is the emphasis on “group” versus “singular leadership” success; teamwork and close collaboration among coworkers is highly visible across all ranks and departments at CDW.

What would you share to empower other females to pursue technology?

Embrace technology and its complexities with an open mind. Be ready to bring your curiosity and investment in time.  

What’s the first (and/or last) thing you do at work every day?

For 10-15 minutes each day I practice the “stepping back” exercise. I take inventory of the day before and the next day. I review what went well /did not; this is important to celebrate success and determine if something needs improvement. It helps me make learning an everyday routine versus an event. 

What’s the most unique or interesting aspect of your job or CDW?

My job involves building a team of experts who provide expertise in exploring, assessing and evolving functional processes so the whole unit performs optimally and effectively. The nature of the responsibilities requires team members to be change agents who can effectively develop/present business cases on the need for transformation initiatives. This job requires good judgment on process, technology and people and a mindset that embraces change.

What are you trying to improve on? 

Right now, I am trying to improve my knowledge on human psychology. The human brain is such an interesting and complex topic. No one human is the same; however, it is fascinating that there are patterns in personalities. 

What’s your favorite mistake?

My favorite mistake is one where I know it could lead to a learning in a safe environment.

What’s the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve received?

One of my mentors once said, “Think of each opportunity as one that will provide some learning to support you through your journey. Success or failure is what you make of that learning.”

Why is CDW a great place for women in IT? 

Across all business functions, CDW encourages women to contribute ideas and points of view. This diversity fuels innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver solutions for our customers. CDW has various network groups and events geared towards women, which is a big attraction to further your career. Finally, CDW has invested in a diverse leadership consisting of women who are dedicated to helping grow women talent in their respective business units.



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