Achieving Work-Life Balance

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Farmers Insurance®
May 21, 2024 at 7:58PM UTC

When life gets crazy, it can be important to shuffle and prioritize tasks and commitments. That’s why balancing work and life is important. A Farmers Insurance® agency ownership opportunity provides women with the flexibility to run their own business and their own schedules. How do some female Farmers® agents and district managers successfully achieve their own work-life balance? 

Tracy Tran, Farmers® agent

Owning my own business allows me to provide a comfortable life for my family, and my children can pursue opportunities I didn’t have back in Vietnam. I do my best to maintain a work-life balance. When I am at work, I put all my effort into my business. When I am at home, that is my time with family.

Samantha Moake, Farmers® agent

Having my agency has provided me with the flexibility of being able to take care of my family and earn an income. For any mom who is juggling a family, the Farmers agency ownership opportunity can offer you the ability and opportunity to provide for your family and be there for your kids. 

Jodi Webster, Farmers® District Manager

I truly believe that being a Farmers district manager offers the flexibility to be present and available for my family needs. 

Veronica Ramirez, Farmers® agent

I have learned that it is absolutely essential to have balance when it comes to work and family. For me, it’s mandatory to have a specific time where we shut off all electronics in the evenings. My family is everything to me. Spending time together and traveling is what helps keep me motivated and focused on my goals. My children can grow up learning from me and how I balance my life…and that’s important. 

Christina Stover, Farmers® District Manager

Being a business owner can give you the flexibility to run your business, be the soccer or PTA mom, earn enough money to get your finances in order, and make time for date night.

Arcy Dinnell, Farmers® agent

It’s important to maximize productivity and well-being, so I make it a point to give myself “me time” to reflect. Sometimes, it can be as simple as just sitting in a quiet room and meditating. I have a soccer mom and work calendar that I keep separate from each other. Also, when I am with my family, I am present for them. 

There is never an equal balance. Sometimes work takes priority and sometimes family does. The key is to communicate and let them see what you do.  

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