At My Company, I’m ‘Inspired, Feel Supported and Seen, and Always Know That My Voice Is Being Heard'

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Tonya Montella. Photo courtesy of CarGurus.

Tonya Montella. Photo courtesy of CarGurus.

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If there’s one thing Tonya Montella, a Manager of Sales Enablement at CarGurus, has to say about her company it’s that it’s full of amazing people. “They are some of the smartest, most creative, and driven people I have ever met, and that becomes infectious,” she tells us. “It drives you to be the best person you can be — not just from a business perspective but in general, as a human.”

Between the great people and positive culture, Montella tells us that prospective employees should know that they’ll have a lot of fun throughout their CarGurus journey. “From a robust and even fun onboarding experience (have you ever heard of such a thing?) to continuous perks that have evolved to accommodate us while working remotely, I’ve felt both excited and proud to work here ever since my first day,” says Montella.

In this article, Montella tells us more about her current role, why she thinks CarGurus is a great place to work for women, and why she loves the culture!

Working in Sales at CarGurus.

In her current job, Montella oversees the onboarding program for sales and service reps in order to ensure that this experience empowers the reps to succeed when it comes to revenue generation and account management. “I own the communications strategy for the revenue organization, and I oversee the execution of impactful product and skills trainings that are delivered to our reps,” she explains. 

Montella excels in this role due to her ability to not only foster collaboration across teams but also to ensure that messaging is consistent and aligned to overall goals — delivering communications that will help everyone be the best they can be. 

It’s no surprise then that what she considers the most exciting part of her role is building this alignment and owning the communications strategy. “I’ve seen the value that cross-functional alignment can drive on a small scale, and I am excited to expand these efforts across the entire revenue organization,” Montella shares. “I want to protect [our reps] from noise, mitigate confusion, and truly enable their success. 

Why CarGurus is a great place for women. 

In order to better empower women in the workplace, representation is key. Like Montella says, “as a woman in a leadership role, it’s important that I also see other women in Director+ roles, and CarGurus has that.” At CarGurus, there are many women role models across all parts of the business, from their Chief People Officer to their VPs of Corporate Strategy and Information Security.

“For me, specifically, I adore my manager who happens to be the VP of Customer Success,” shares Montella. “She is thoughtful, supportive, and absolutely someone that I aspire to emulate, which is so important to me. Because of this, I remain inspired, feel supported and seen, and always know that my voice is being heard.”

CarGurus also has a Women in Sales employee resource group (ERG), which Montella says, “fosters a sense of community among women in the sales and service side of the business.” At the company, ensuring that everyone feels supported is key.

A fantastic company culture.

At CarGurus, Montella says that the whole company is dedicated to the employee experience. CarGurus is committed “to providing an engaging, inclusive, fun, and unique experience to all of its employees from their first day throughout their tenure with the company,” she tells us. 

As part of this, the company makes employee work-life balance a priority. CarGurus has a flexible hybrid model, which enables employees like Montella to maintain more of a balance between their work and personal lives. (Montella, for instance, shares how she loves being able to spend more time with her family and less time stuck in Boston traffic thanks to these policies!)

“On top of that, the managers that I’ve had during my time here have always put family first,” Montella says, “so it’s never an issue when I have to unexpectedly tend to family matters, and that really goes a long way with me.”

Another way that CarGurus focuses on the employee experience is through a plethora of learning and development opportunities — the largest Montella has seen in her career. “When people actually want to learn, it makes jobs like mine a little easier,” she states.

Finally, “the business is always finding creative ways to engage us, from book clubs and live yoga/meditation to a virtual talent show,” she explains. There are also plenty of thoughtful perks such as free lunch in the office every day, gifts from Black- or women-owned businesses, and branded gifts to benefit your daily life. “It’s always a wonderful surprise and drives me to show off to others that I work for this company,” Montella states. “It’s even sparked folks in my network to reach out and apply!”

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