At My Company, We Aim to Be 1% Better Every Day and Prioritize Teamwork — From an SVP

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Lori Murphy

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“I have always looked at mentoring both on my team and outside my team as essential to our collective success,” says Lori Murphy, the SVP of Client Service at Epsilon —  a company that has, for decades, helped marketers from the world’s top brands personalize experiences for millions of people with their cutting-edge technology, solutions and services.

“I try to make regular time to connect one-on-one and really listen to needs, wants, fears and goals, boosting confidence and supporting their success,” she continues. “Honestly, it’s a bi-directional support system because I get a lot out of those connections too! I think it’s especially true in industries like ours, that are still predominantly male-driven, to support deserving women in finding successful long-term careers with multiple pathways to upper-level management opportunities.” 

And this is only one example of how Murphy and Epsilon empower women in the workplace! Here, Murphy shares more about her role, her three best pieces of advice for moving into leadership, how Epsilon supports women like her and more!

Tell us a bit about your job. What’s your current role, how long have you been in this role, and what were you doing previously? 

I am responsible for Epsilon Technology’s Client engagements in our CPG, Restaurants and Travel verticals. That includes ensuring their needs are being met, helping my team knock down any barriers to growth and supporting opportunities for expansion of business across our loyalty, email, and data platforms. I’ve been at Epsilon for eight years and in my current role for five years. Prior to that, I spent many years in the Advertising Agency world, leading integrated marketing for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

What projects or programs are you currently working on? What about this type of work most excites you? 

Much of my focus these days is bridging our technology and data products and services to Publicis agency engagements and supporting our clients’ digital and data transformation. All our clients are on a journey of transformation, and each has their own set of challenges and nuances that hamper progress. Helping them define their north star or figure out how to take those small steps to fulfill their vision is very rewarding. And, as part of Publicis Groupe, we are perfectly positioned to bring end-to-end solutions to our clients. Much of my career has been spent helping to connect the dots and integrating technology and data within a full funnel marketing approach is just another flavor of that. 

What’s one thing you think early career job seekers should know about Epsilon? What about those who are in a more advanced career stage? 

Regardless of where you are in your career, Epsilon is a place where you will be continuously learning. It’s an exciting time in marketing as brands figure out how to connect with their consumers in a digital world and technology and data play a key role in that. It means we are constantly iterating and innovating to keep pace with the market - no day is the same and there is always something new. 

How is this kind of support reflective of the overall culture at your company?

Training and collaboration are two aspects that come to mind because they fit well with my personal philosophies. There is a lot of focus on ensuring employees are well-versed in the industry and the differentiators that Epsilon brings through a variety of training options. This is important to support an always-learning, always-improving culture — being 1% better every day is one of the company’s core beliefs. And you’re never alone — there are tremendously talented and bright people around you to learn from and get inspired. The company encourages a “work together, win together” culture that fosters collaboration and teamwork and celebrates team success.

Why do you think Epsilon is a particularly supportive work environment for women?

Flexibility has been a key component to how I maintain the required balance between my work and family life. It’s the thing I value most in my current position and one that the company wholly supports.

And Epsilon’s established culture of women in leadership is also a major plus. There is an established precedent for women attaining leadership levels within the organization which is inspiring and motivating, and we’re always looking to do more and improve in this area as well.

What’s the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve received? 

We are in a business where it’s all about understanding people. Be empathetic. Clients, peers, and co-workers want to be heard and want to feel that you really understand where they are coming from both on a personal and professional level. That “personal touch” is more important now than ever. So, making the little daily efforts to reach out and connect with your team, celebrating the (even small) wins, sharing in the challenges and setbacks, and commiserating with the struggles, are essential in team building. These seemingly small but often very appreciated efforts help build strong relationships inside and outside of the organization, which are so key to our overall success.  

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for others who are looking to advance their career to the next level? 

  • Prepare rationale for what you want and then go after it — don’t wait to be rewarded or recognized. 

  • When you are in a supervisory position, never forget what it was like to be in an entry-level role. Remember what you appreciated and didn’t appreciate in your past supervisors and let that inform how you act in your role.

  • Be open to a pivot and/or looking at any change in your career course as an opportunity to learn and grow. Successful careers are rarely in a straight line. Oftentimes those “deviations” from what you thought was going to be your career path open up to fantastic opportunities that would otherwise never have seen coming. 

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