The Best Zodiac Sign Your Boss Can Have—and How to Work with Her

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Elle Forest10
June 22, 2024 at 11:8PM UTC
What is the best zodiac sign for being a great boss?
Is your boss arrogant? She could be a Leo. Astrology can tell you why your Taurus boss is so stubborn and the Pisces boss has great ideas that never pan out. Would you rather work with a chatterbox Gemini or a moody Cancer—or maybe even the wild Sagittarius? Each astrological sign has unique personality traits, like the Aries and Scorpio, who are both driven to succeed. Why won't the Virgo or Capricorn boss just let you do your work, as opposed to the Aquarius boss, whose attention you can never seem to grab? And what do you have to do to get that Libra boss to give you some credit where credit is due?
Read on to find out what your boss's astrological sign might mean as far as the personal and professional traits they bring to work—and what that could mean for your life.

1. The Libra Boss

September 23–October 22
Sign Characteristics: air element, the Scales
Strengths: fair, diplomatic, charismatic
Weaknesses: flighty, workaholic, stubborn
The Libra boss values harmony. She wants everyone to be on the same page and working toward the same benevolent outcome. Overall, the Libra boss is a pleasant person and easy to get along with. Their work environment will be aesthetically pleasing and balanced with artistic flair. Unbalanced, the Libra boss can be melodramatic and solemn. Needing external gratification, she wants everyone to like and appreciate all she does. Always remember to praise the Libra boss and show her how much you value her. This can’t be done too often!

2. The Gemini Boss

May 21–June 20
Sign Characteristics: air element, the Twins
Strengths: creative, cheerful, pleasing
Weaknesses: unpredictable, frivolous, busybody
The Gemini is much more of a team player than a leader. She would rather have a strong team with great skill sets than shoulder the weight of all the work herself. The Gemini boss can be animated and talkative, although not always focused on the task at hand. When time is of the essence, the Gemini boss can linger too long and get distracted, all while forgetting to tell you the deadline has passed. A Gemini's employees usually enjoy a broad spectrum of discretionary decision making, and she will appreciate your creative ideas.

3. The Cancer Boss

June 21–July 22
Sign Characteristics: water element, the Crab
Strengths: easygoing, empathetic, nurturing
Weaknesses: emotional, picky, difficult
The crab has been given a bad rap for having a moody and emotional personality. Unlike the Taurus boss, she is very aware of this personality trait and will give people a heads up rather than coming at you out of nowhere. She has a nurturing nature and will genuinely want everyone to succeed. The Cancer boss doesn’t like discord and will expect a pleasant and cohesive team; pettiness will not be tolerated. While this boss has a very empathetic heart, she is also keen on spotting the insincere and will make decisions based on what she feels is “right.” While the Cancer boss can be soft spoken, she is also strong willed and does not take kindly to being challenged; she will stand by what she believes is the correct decision, even if inside she is wavering.

4. The Virgo Boss

August 23–September 22
Sign Characteristics: earth element, the Virgin
Strengths: organized, focused, detailed
Weaknesses: micromanaging, critical, obsessive-compulsive
Virgos are focused. This is the person who has an office that is organized, categorized, and labeled—even the label maker is labeled! Virgos pay attention to the details and expect you to do the same. They will want to see your data and the specifics of everything down to the crosses on your t's and the dots on your i's The Virgo boss doesn’t want to know about your cat, and she doesn't care about your bad night of sleep; she wants results and to know where you are in completing the project. This boss has a sharp eye and tends to micromanage, so she will likely be telling you everything you are doing wrong and why you need to get as organized as she is. Efficiency is in the details.

5. The Capricorn Boss

December 22–January 19
Sign Characteristics: earth element, the Goat
Strengths: systematic, organized, ambitious
Weaknesses: stubborn, single sighted, headstrong
The Capricorn boss is the most analytical boss you can have. They have incredible memories, so they will remember everything you say and do. A Capricorn woman is systematic and knows that the way she does things is the best way and the only way, if you want to succeed. She is driven and focused and will keep climbing that ladder like the goat ascending the mountain. If you want to have a peaceful working environment, do not do anything that will affect a Capricorn woman's ability to reach their goals—she will not appreciate it.

6. The Aquarius Boss

January 20–February 19
Sign Characteristics: air element, the Water Bearer
Strengths: puzzling, energetic, principled
Weaknesses: unreasonable, restless, hurtful
Aquarians are an enigma. Because this boss is detached, flighty and quickly changing direction—much like her water sign suggests—you are not likely to understand Aquarians easily. She has a short attention span and isn't particularly good with a focus in any one area. She sees her role as one of social justice warrior, yet she tends to take on a new “movement” at the drop of a hat. Expect to do a lot of work on your own, since you will have to figure out the task and outcome from the small bits of scattered information your boss gives you. It isn’t unusual for you to bring a job almost to completion, only to find out the boss no longer wants to do it and has already moved on to a new focus.

7. The Pisces Boss

February 20–March 20
Sign Characteristics: water element, the Fish
Strengths: creative, inventive, ingenious
Weaknesses: helpless, exploited, gullible
If you have a Pisces boss you are very likely working in a field that requires some kind of creativity. This boss does not like to deal in fixed and mundane area. She isn't strong on the logistical side of the workplace and prefers to delegate that to others. The Pisces boss can be innovative and come up with out-of-the-box ideas that take projects to a new dimension, but she can also be too unconventional and overwhelmed by completing a job within confines and structure. When this happens, she may disappear to regroup and leave you “holding the bag.”

8. The Sagittarius Boss

November 22–December 21
Sign Characteristics: fire element, the Archer
Strengths: resilient, optimistic, adventurous
Weaknesses: unreliable, flighty, reckless
The Sagittarius boss is personable and friendly. She is driven and ambitious but in a wild-child free-spirit way. Often, the Sagittarius boss will fly by the seat of her pants and go with the flow, leaving organization and processes in the wind. Because of her adventurous nature, the Sagittarius boss isn’t always the most focused and can oversell herself and her abilities, meaning you are left with a lot of unmet deadlines and unfinished jobs—so plan on lots of late nights to make up the lost ground.

9. The Leo Boss

July 23–August 22
Sign Characteristics: fire element, the Lion
Strengths: cunning, impartial, noble
Weaknesses: arrogant, self-absorbed, devious
Leos are born leaders and determined in their chosen cause. They are often perceived as conceited and self-important, but this stems from underlying insecurity. The Leo boss likes the spotlight and will often accept the accolades of others with a proud and accomplished air. Sometimes they may take a little too much credit, and those around them may get a little peeved, but the Leo boss does try to recognize other’s talents and accomplishments. The Leo boss can be a raging lion if she or someone to whom she is close is wronged. This boss wants to be informed on all fronts. Don’t leave anything out with the Leo boss, since she won't appreciate being surprised or caught off guard. God help you if you lie to her!

10. The Aries Boss

March 21–April 19
Sign Characteristics: fire element, the Ram
Strengths: loyal, driven, energetic
Weaknesses: self-absorbed, blunt, demanding
The Aries boss has a fiery spirit and a dogged commitment. She is driven and knowledgeable about her field. She isn't much for dabbling; in fact, she is so committed to learning all there is to know about something that she is very likely an expert in her field. Expectations are high with the Aries boss, and she wants nothing less than a 110% from everyone who works with her. Get used to being micromanaged by the Aries boss. Initially, it might be extremely irritating to be told the same thing 10 times by the Aries, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Since she values individuality and uniqueness of character, once the Aries boss sees that you are capable and can do your job, she will appreciate your efforts and trust that you will get things done—or else! She will be will to delegate and turn over the reins to those who have earned her respect.

11. The Taurus Boss

April 20–May 20
Sign Characteristics: earth element, the Bull
Strengths: organized, reliable, conscientious
Weaknesses: vindictive, possessive, explosive
The most obvious personality trait of the Taurus is that she is stubborn. And yes, the Taurus can be stubborn, but only when she feels that her case has real validity. She will not back down unless you can give her a good reason why. She believes strongly in the right way to do things, and so she expects you to adhere to roles and expectations. The Taurus boss might be a little too wordy for some people, going on about her topic with lengthy information and long-winded, colorful speech. While you would like her to just get to the point, you may have to learn to be patient, as she takes her time delegating a task.

12. The Scorpio Boss

October 23–November 21
Sign Characteristics: water element, the Scorpion
Strengths: loyal, vigilant, capable
Weaknesses: stubborn, controlling, unrelenting
The Scorpio is driven and goal oriented. You will often find Scorpios in leadership positions, because they don’t like being subservient. They want to meet their goals, so stay out of their way. The Scorpio boss is dedicated and driven, so you better be, too. She will expect a great deal from you. The Scorpio boss will be intense with complete control over everything. You don’t want to double cross this boss, because she is extremely vengeful and won't hesitate to take you down. Although mysterious and hard to know, she will protect her employees and make sure they are treated fairly and compensated properly.
Whether or not astrology is your cup of tea, you probably recognize some of these characteristics in your boss. Learning how to adjust to her style of managing will not only improve your relationship with her, but also help you perform your job even better.
Elle Forest is a freelance writer, Warrior Goddess facilitator, and apprentice to best selling author HeatherAsh Amara. She loves teaching women and creating deep connections within a harmonious community. She lives with her four wonderful sons and fiancé. Her hobbies include repurposing, remodeling and refinishing thrift store finds.

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