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Written in the Stars
People Born Under This Zodiac Sign Tend to Be the Most Successful
Taylor Tobin

While hard work, keen intelligence, and strategic career moves can certainly up your chances of gaining personal wealth, the factor that separates comfortably upper-middle-class professionals from billionaire one-percenters often comes down to plain old luck. Coming up with the right idea at the right time, scoring the right investors at a crucial juncture, taking your company public in an auspicious market, and (of course) having the fortune of being born into an already-affluent family represent influences that can’t be replicated by nose-to-the-grindstone effort. 

But according to a recent UK study, the season of your birth could also sway your likelihood of striking serious pay-offs.

Reader’s Digest reports that career site Adview surveyed the billionaires listed in the Fortune 400 to determine their dates of birth and their consequent zodiac signs, in an attempt to ascertain a connection between when you’re born and your chances of entering the super-rich echelon. 

According to their findings, individuals born in the late summer may have an edge over other billionaire hopefuls: 28 billionaires on the Fortune 400 list were Leos.

Leo, a fire sign, counts among its characteristic personality traits a penchant for leadership. Leos are self-confident, energetic, outgoing and socially capable, and very aware of the way they’re perceived by others. It’s easy to see how these qualities relate to strong business acumen and a proactive attitude toward advancement, both of which can contribute to career success and financial gain. 

 In second place, you’ll find Tauruses,  with 24 billionaires on the list in this zodiac group. Rounding out the top three are Libras, with 23 Fortune 400 billionaires.

But, of course, one zodiac sign had to claim the bottom spot on the billionaires list. Only 12 billionaires on the Fortune 400 list identify as Aries (born between March 20 and April 20).

While horoscopes aren’t anchored in scientific fact (so don’t let this get you down, Aries folks!), the personality traits associated with specific signs can be valuable indicators for earning potential in the future.

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