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We generate a ton of unique, proprietary data and content about what women experience in the workplace. Women in our community share their salary and bonus information, departments and titles, as well as their opinions regarding gender equality, maternity leave benefits, job satisfaction levels, whether they would recommend the company to other women and what they believe their employer could do to help retain them. We also regularly poll the women in our community on a number of other job-related issues. Please contact us if you would like to learn more:

We teamed up with Artemis Connection to study men's perceptions of gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Here's what we found, and why we concluded that middle management is an important part of increasing the number of women in leadership.
What does it mean for an employer to be family-friendly? Find out what percentage of women believe their company is family-friendly and what that means to them.
While most of our community believes women and men are treated equally at their employer, when women report there is gender inequality at work, the #1 cited issue is equality when it comes to promotions. Equal pay is the second biggest problem women cite. Women also cite increased compensation and the promotion of more women to leadership as two of the most important factors when it comes to the ways in which employers can retain them.
We've identified the top industries for gender equality, women's job satisfaction, and the ones women would recommend to other women. PR, Cosmetics and Hospitality are the leading industries when it comes to women's perceptions of gender equality at work. Dig into our slides to see what else we've found.
We've analyzed female job satisfaction in our community and found important links between women's job satisfaction and an employer's culture and benefits. We wrote about our findings here and our presentation below summarizes some of the highlights: