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  • Women working

    We generate a ton of unique, proprietary data and content about what women experience in the workplace. Women in our community share their salary and bonus information, departments and titles, as well as their opinions regarding gender equality, maternity leave benefits, job satisfaction levels, whether they would recommend the company to other women and what they believe their employer could do to help retain them. We also regularly poll the women in our community on a number of other job-related issues. Please contact us if you would like to learn more:

  • Women networking at Fairygodboss Galvanize 2017

    How To Make Your Women's Resource Group More Powerful: Findings from the Fairygodboss Galvanize Summit On Nov. 1-2, 2017, Fairygodboss convened its first-ever summit, “Galvanize: Making Women’s Resource Groups More Powerful,” where top leaders from a variety of industries and Fortune 500 companies assembled to discuss how employers and women’s resource groups can best support female talent. Attendees walked away with actionable recommendations — detailed in this white paper — that they are now bringing back to their companies.

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  • Women with different appearances

    Forget Your Resume - Sadly, How You Look is More Important in a Job Interview
    Fairygodboss asked 500 hiring professionals to view images of women and describe their professional appearance. These women had distinctly different hairstyles, outfits, skin tones, facial expressions, and body types. See which women were most likely to be hired.

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  • How Women Job Seekers Differ From Men

    How Women Jobseekers Differ From Men: While men and women job seekers share many of the same priorities around compensation and employer culture, there are certain important differences between men and women when it comes to where and how they look for new job opportunities, and also how they evaluate them.

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  • Women in the workplace report

    The State of Gender Equality in the Workplace 2016: In this 53-page annual report, we summarize our findings about gender diversity and equality in the workplace, share data about why it matters, and what it takes to recruit and retain women. This guide will help employers and HR departments focus on what matters to women in the workplace.

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  • Men in the workplace

    Men in the Workplace: An in-depth exploration of what men think of gender diversity in the workplace. We teamed up with Artemis Connection to study mens perceptions of gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Heres what we found, and why we concluded that middle management in an important part of increasing the number of women in leadership.

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  • Family friendly companies

    Do Women Think Their Employers Are Family Friendly? What does it mean for an employer to be family-friendly? Find out what percentage of women believe their company is familiy-friendly and what that means to them.

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  • Women and promotions

    More Than Just Equal Pay: Promotions are Key to Retaining Women at Work. While most of our community believes women and men are treated equally at their employer, when women report there is gender inequality at work, the #1 cited issue is with respect to promotions.

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  • Women in the workplace, by industry

    Best Industries for Women: We've identified the top industries for gender equality, women's job satisfaction, and the ones women would recommend to other women. Dig into our slides to see the best industries and find out what else we found.

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  • Women's job satisfaction

    Female Job Satisfaction: We've analyzed female job satisfaction in our community and found important links between women's job satisfaction and an employer's culture and benefits. See what else we found.

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  • What women want in the workplace

    Job Factors Important To Female Jobseekers: Other than compensation, what other factors are important to female job seekers? We explore how women prioritize aspects of a job such as flexibility, benefits, company performance and more, when choosing their next job and employer.

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  • Women in the workplace by Fairygodboss

    Women In The Workplace Survey (2015): Women shared their views on the issues they face in the workplace, ranging from pay, promotions, sponsorship, mentorship, maternity leave, pumping facilities in a 2015 survey.

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