How One Working Mom Makes Sure Her Work Never Follows Her Home

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Jyotisana, a Senior Manager in Software Engineering at Capital One,

Jyotisana, a Senior Manager in Software Engineering at Capital One. Photo courtesy of Capital One


Jyotisana, a Senior Manager in Software Engineering at Capital One Financial Corporation, loves that her work remains challenging. “There’s a constant opportunity for me to learn,” she explains. But while she’s energized by her work, Jyotisana is careful not to let it follow her home so that she can enjoy quality time with her kids — and she’s grateful that Capital One makes it easy for her to balance her professional and personal life. 

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Jyotisana recently spoke to Fairygodboss about how becoming a mom has made her a better employee, why Capital One has been a great place for her to grow her career, and how she manages to separate her work and family time. 

How long have you been in your current role, and what were you doing previously? 

I have been with Capital One for over 5 years and in my current role for over 3 years. Before joining Capital One, I worked in various roles as a Software Developer and in Technical Program Management. 

What’s your pre-work morning routine like? 

I wake up around 5:30 a.m., have coffee, and then read, meditate and shower. At 6:30 I start planning breakfast and lunch for my kids. An hour later I’m getting the kids ready, packing their lunches, and then dropping them at school. I try to get to work around 8 a.m., an hour before my team comes in, so that I can catch up on my learning. 

Why do you think your company is a particularly great place to be a working mom? 

When my kids were younger, it was great to have the flexibility to work from home. Especially with twins, when one gets sick, the other one just follows, so I needed to be home but still be able to work. Capital One also offers great parental leave benefits. 

How do you feel like your job has helped complemented your function as a parent? 

I have challenging work that I find rewarding, so I’m able to go home with the satisfaction that I am doing my best and making a difference. This kind of mindset is beneficial as a parent!

How has your role as a mom made you a better employee? 

As a mom, I have good time-management skills, I’m very focused, and I get things done quickly to ensure I can go home on time. 

What’s your go-to stress-relief activity or routine? 

I like to walk and enjoy nature, reading, and meeting with my friends.

What kinds of boundaries to you follow (if any) to separate work and family time?

I try to finish all my work in the time that I spend at the office daily; I don’t like to take work home. I allocate time, use my team, and delegate to be efficient. 

What are you especially good at as a mom? What about at work?

I’m good at coaching my kids, helping them in their studies, and setting high expectations that gives them something to strive for. I follow the same principles at work.  

What’s your No. 1 tip for new moms who are navigating the delicate balance of working and mothering?  

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your kid to go to work. You have made a decision to go back to work, so don’t keep revisiting that decision. When you are at work, focus on work, but it’s OK to start saying no if your work is invading your family time. If there are too many things on your plate, first of all, speak up, and then delegate or share the responsibility with your team.

What’s your favorite part of your work day (or your favorite aspect of your job)? 

I love that I get to work with talented people and love that my work is constantly challenging, so there’s a constant opportunity for me to learn. 

What do you love most about Capital One? 

I love the flexibility that’s offered; it allows me to have a healthy work-life balance. I’m also grateful for the amazing benefits, like Bright Horizon (child care) and dependent care. 


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