This Comedian’s Viral Video From the School Drop-Off Lane Will Make All Moms Go “Same”

In a viral video, Susannah B. Lewis serves a super-relatable rant about the school dropoff line.

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If you’re a parent to a school-aged kid, you may recognize the frustrating experience of waiting in the excruciatingly slow morning drop-off line, just biding your time until you can pull up to the correct spot and release your kids into their classrooms. But one mom wanted to provide visual evidence of the drop-off experience’s tedium, so she turned on her phone’s video camera and let it rip.

Susannah B. Lewis, the writer and comedian behind Whoa! Susannah, created this cinematic masterpiece while fully in-the-moment, stuck in line and not too pleased about it. “Sittin’ here in pajamas and I haven’t brushed my teeth” Lewis – who’s only “been awake for seven minutes” – chugs her A.M. coffee while streaming some colorful commentary about the folks in line ahead of her.

Here are some of Lewis' super relatable gems:

“Look at this one right here, tangled up in the seatbelt. Hey, this ain’t ‘Days of Thunder’! They could’ve unstrapped way back there! We’re not rolling through here at 75 miles an hour!”

“Look at her. She’s been up, dressed, worked out, took a shower...overachiever.”

“We’ve been at school a week, and she is still takin’ pictures of him walkin’ into this building. Oh my LAWD.”

“What are they doin’, the #InMyFeelingsChallenge? Kiki, go to class!”

“That seatbelt is wrapped around his backpack like yarn wrapped around a kitten’s tail.”

Plenty of Facebook commenters saw themselves in Lewis’s incisive comments, offering reactions like:

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
The moms of the world applaud you, Susannah. Keep fightin’ the good fight!