7 Companies That'll Give You Serious Work FOMO

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I admit it — I have a chronic case of company-lust.
It's sort of like wanderlust, but for companies other than the one you’re employed by. Despite having a full-time job I’m over the moon about, I’ve always had a weird fascination with those “best places to work” lists. It’s almost a hobby to read about what makes other companies tick, from unique company cultures to learning what sets them apart in terms of career benefits
Whether you’re actively job hunting right now or — like me — just have a curiosity about whether the grass really is greener at the office next door, this is the list for you. Here are seven companies we’ve got serious FOMO for:
First of all, they have a slide IN their headquarters. As in, a playground slide inside their office building, connecting the second floor to the first floor. I’ve seen it (and ridden it) myself. If that’s not enough for you, their mission is to, literally, help the world’s children one shoe at a time, and employees have the opportunity to join in on their giving trips around the world.
2. REI
This is the brand that’s been telling you to #optoutside instead of hitting the mall. REI genuinely practices what they preach, closing for a paid holiday on Black Friday, working to make their buildings (both stores and offices) environmentally friendly, and encouraging employees to, literally, get outside. That happens through a paid sabbatical for employees who’ve worked there 15+ years, company discounts, and “YAY days,” a.k.a. one paid day off every six months to go — you guessed it — play outdoors. 
This financial advising start-up was started and is run by a woman, and literally lists a chocolate drawer and wine fridge as a work perk. Need I say more? There’s also unlimited vacation and the option for a flexible work schedule. I have no expertise or background in finance, and yet would love the chance to hang out in Ellevest’s office. 
The sense of community and steep discount on groceries (20%, even for part-timers!) is what has me crossing my fingers for an opportunity to someday work at Whole Foods. A friend of mine took a position at a local store fresh out of law school while awaiting her bar exam results and loved the work environment so much that she has kept her position part-time to this day, despite also working at a law firm full-time. 
It's more than than just stretchy yoga pants and sports bras, folks. At the core of Lululemon’s mission and manifesto is goal-setting and fulfilling your individual passion. The company encourages empowering yourself and others, as well as living a healthy lifestyle, and includes personal development training and free fitness classes as some of the employment benefits. I have yet to meet a Lululemon employee who isn’t bursting with excitement for the company’s brand and mission, which to me is a testament to a great company culture.
How does an annual stipend of $2,000 for the sole purpose of traveling sound? Air BnB employees are able to stay in an Airbnb listing anywhere in the world, and over at their U.S. headquarters, enjoy a healthy meal and snack program. Sign me up!
As a runner, I love their bars as pre-run fuel, but ClifBar’s ability to personify their “feed your adventure” tagline is pretty darn inspiring. From an onsite gym with a bouldering wall, a flexible work schedule, and a paid time off program that starts at 15 days, I can’t imagine a better place to work. Oh, and did I mention you can bring your dog to work? 


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