Computershare: A Company That’s Committed to Paid Parental Leave Because Family Comes First

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Photo courtesy of Computershare.

Photo courtesy of Computershare.

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April 17, 2024 at 7:53PM UTC

At Computershare, they know that looking after their greatest resource, their people, enables them to innovate and create long-term value. Computershare wants to draw on the unique knowledge and experience of every member of their diverse and talented team and empower them to deliver. 

As part of this, Computershare strives to ensure that all of their employees have an equal opportunity to contribute their ideas, bring their personality to their work, and showcase their skills. In fact, an important part of the company's strategic priorities is investing in initiatives that foster diversity and inclusion in their businesses — Computershare is always looking for new ways that they can support their employees.

So, starting in 2023, Computershare is proud to announce that they are updating their family leave program in the United States to include more paid parental leave. This change to their leave benefits is another way that Computershare is able to support employees with family responsibilities and aligns with their policy to treat all employees fairly while celebrating diversity. 

Keep reading to hear what employees have to say about this change...

Sharyn S. Bilenker. Senior Vice President, Private Markets and member of our Women4Women network.

“I’m thrilled that Computershare adopted a comprehensive family leave policy that not only supports those who physically gave birth, but partners and adoptive couples as well. At Computershare, our employees are our most valuable asset.’’

Alec White, Head of Talent Acquisition
‘‘What I love about working here is how we look out for each other, that caring approach has always been an absolutely essential part of our culture and I think that this change really demonstrates that importance. Even more significant for me is that as part of our culture we also have a really inclusive approach to how we work together. Being able to provide paid leave to all of the new parents that are part of our fantastic team really shows just how committed we are to that equality and inclusivity.”

Katie Larson. Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager.
“One thing that I hear from people who are applying for a new job at Computershare is that they love the sound of our culture and purple values. The new parental leave policy makes that culture message even stronger for people who plan on having children in the future. We often talk about how diversity is our source of strength, and you can't move a business forward without diversity, equity, and inclusion. So, this is just one more way and one more benefit that we now offer to move our diversity and inclusion forward.”

Flexible working

Paid parental leave is just one way that Computershare supports their team. Computershare also supports and encourages flexible working wherever they can to help employees find the best balance between their work and lifestyle.

Katie Larson, who has been part of the Computershare team for 21 years and in that time became a parent herself, says that: “Computershare supported me by offering flexing working, so I’ve been able to work at my own pace and speed and in a way that works best for me. The supportive culture here at Computershare really made a difference and helped ease me back into the workplace. This new policy now takes the support we offer parents even further, allowing people to embrace their full-time job, take advantage of an excellent benefit, and be successful in both parenting and working.”

Computershare's global business has a distinctive entrepreneurial spirit, a caring and inclusive culture, and opens up a world of opportunities that could take you anywhere. Explore their latest positions and join the team via the link below! 

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