Could ‘Performing with Purpose’ Be the Secret to Improving Your Job Satisfaction?

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It’s no secret that your job satisfaction is bound to improve if you feel like your company’s values align with your own, or if you can genuinely sense that your work contributes to a greater purpose or social mission.
Perhaps that’s in part why PepsiCo is ranked by women as one of the best places to work. When the company launched its signature program, Performance with Purpose, in 2006, it was one of the first companies to recognize the important interdependence between corporations and society. The company doubled down on this agenda in 2016, outlining specific 2025 goals to continue delivering financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into its business strategy. One of the company’s ambitious goals is to invest $100 million in initiatives that will benefit at least 12.5 million women and girls around the world by 2025, with a focus on helping 1.5 million young women progress through school to be successful in the workforce.

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As the company carries out this vision, the PepsiCo Foundation just announced a $4 million grant to the Robin Hood Foundation — New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization — to support high-quality education and workforce training programs for young women and girls in the Bronx, where one in three women are living in poverty. The grant will fund initiatives to help 20,000 young women in New York City’s poorest borough increase their earning potential by supporting them through high school equivalency, college prep, and graduation support; and skills training, job training, and economic security programming. 
PepsiCo has long invested in women in the communities it serves and supported causes that advance women's economic empowerment. One employee who reviewed her work experience on Fairygodboss explains how the company’s focus on big-picture values is motivating to her: “PepsiCo bridges the gap between social responsibility and top tier financial security,” she writes. “Our Performance with Purpose initiative is integrated into our culture and it's something we live every single day. It's refreshing for a company as large as PepsiCo to truly care about human sustainability and environmental sustainability, while continuing to maintain its Fortune 50 status. As a female, there's nothing better than being with a company that encourages my voice to be heard and provides countless resources to ensure I'm set up for success.”
The PepsiCo Foundation's grant will first support two organizations — ScriptEd and Computer Science For All — that are breaking down barriers to help women join New York City's thriving tech sector. While the technology sector in New York is the third largest in the nation and is growing faster than any other sector in the city, the industry is largely dominated by men, and only about one third of professionals in the sector are from minority backgrounds. And nationwide, minority women constitute less than 10% of the tech workforce. PepsiCo’s support of ScriptEd and Computer Science For All will help provide coding skills and computer science education in New York City's schools to break down the key racial and gender barriers prevalent in this industry.
Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s Chair and CEO, explains how this partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation is reflective of PepsiCo’s overall values and culture: "We're committed to lifting up women in communities all over the world, from the Middle East to Latin America to right here in the United States — because half the world is women, and when we unlock their potential, we'll all be stronger for it."
If your job satisfaction isn’t quite as high as it could be, consider joining the folks at PepsiCo — you’ll have the chance to join a team that’s working toward some incredible big picture goals! Plus, the leadership team is focused on keeping employees happy. As one woman puts it, “I've held a variety of roles in different departments within the company and have witnessed the shift which encourages culture and diversity in all work groups. It's a pleasure to work for a company that takes as much pride in their workforce as they do their innovative product line.”
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