‘Create Your Happy’ — A Manager’s Advice on Careers Pivots and Uncovering a Path to Your Dream Role

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Jenniferlyn Kryvicky

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May 19, 2024 at 2:56AM UTC

“You have a choice in your career,” Jenniferlyn Kryvicky says. “Do you want it to be something that robs you of energy or restores your energy?”

Kryvicky knows the importance of making this choice firsthand. After spending years in roles that weren't right for her, she sought to change careers — and found the right fit for her. Now, for the past four months, she’s been the Manager of Talent Management and Org. Development at Continental.

Kryvicky comes from a background in robotics engineering and statistical analysis and, before her current role, she was an Automotive Purchaser and Supplier Quality Engineer. But now, after her career pivot, she states: “I’ve never felt so alive, so fulfilled and so happy as I am working in human relations, specifically in the realm of helping our employees create a career path that’s fueled by drive and discovering their passion, not just chasing a pay scale or title.”

“When our employees realize that there is much more opportunity available to them at our company, I feel that the hours I spend in my field are serving a real purpose,” she explains. “I love my company, and helping others uncover a path to their dream roles within the company is my mission.” 

So, how did Kryvicky successfully make her career pivot, and what is it like changing directions at Continental? In the interview below, Kryvicky shares more about her career path, how Continental supports her, advice for other career changers, her favorite career mistake and more!

Pivoting career paths can feel overwhelming. Why did you want to make this change, and what ultimately helped you do it? 

I made the change due to the desire to help people and the stunning realization that so many people, including myself, are burned out and stressed out in life over their jobs.

I woke up one day, feeling drained and unmotivated, and realized that this is not the life I want. Being unfulfilled, I realized that I had a choice, and the choice I made was to refocus my career towards supporting people — a “commodity” that needs to be valued and served.

What about Continental stood out to you and made you want to join the team? What’s been your favorite aspect since joining?  

I came to Continental by way of the SiemensVDO acquisition. Immediately, the corporate strength and culture of Continental shined through, and I felt like we belonged to a large global family. My favorite aspect has been the ability to make connections with employees across all of the business areas in our region (Tires, ContiTech and Automotive) as well as globally with our European and Asian colleagues.

What kinds of things made you feel comfortable when onboarding?  

I appreciate the onboarding process that I went through. I was provided a packet of information before coming to my location and before attending the first day, first week and first month New Hire Orientations, where I learned more about the company and its function. 

Within my first six months, I was invited to the Continental Entry Conference, where I was able to learn all about the brands in the U.S., as well as to meet all the other new hires across all functions and areas. I also got an overview of our products and met some of our executives and senior leaders. 

What’s the first thing you do at work every day? 

I touch base with my colleagues. Continental values connection. During the pandemic, with everyone working remotely, it has been critical that we check in with one another on how we’re doing mentally, not just in terms of work. I am here to serve and support our employees first and foremost!

What’s been your favorite career mistake that you’ve made? 

Oh, I love this question! My biggest career mistake was not following my heart for too many years. Instead of looking for different opportunities within my company, I would leave and take the exact same role at a new company. It wasn’t until I came to Continental that I realized that there’s more out there than I can see, and here I am three different careers later at the same company!    

What advice would you give to other women interested in making a major career change?  

Follow your passion. Follow your heart.  If you are not happy, be open to making the change. I promise you — when you create your happy, everything else falls into place!


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