How Dell’s Legacy Of Good Makes It (More Than) A Good Place To Work

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Courtesy of Dell

April 16, 2024 at 1:55PM UTC
Research shows that women derive much greater job satisfaction when they feel their work has a greater purpose. Maybe that’s why women have voted Dell the No. 5 company for women on Fairygodboss. The company is all about working toward big-picture goals and values; in fact, Dell has enacted a groundbreaking plan that puts social good at the forefront of its work every day. 
In 2012, Dell launched its 2020 Legacy of Good plan, making a strong public commitment to several key goals that include bettering the lives of people, strengthening communities, and working toward a cleaner, healthier environment. Basically, Dell wants to use its expertise to do as much good around the world as possible. 
While the Legacy of Good plan includes 21 ambitious goals bound by an end date of 2020, the Dell team has already made great strides and employees love feeling like their work is contributing to a greater goal. Whether they’re passionate about Dell’s mission to lower its carbon footprint or they feel connected to the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, they’re able to visualize their own work within a bigger picture—not something we all get to experience in our jobs.

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Seriously, though, how many of us can say that we work somewhere that’s turning to materials like bamboo, mushrooms, and even ocean bound plastics to create more sustainable packaging?
Georgia Hybner, who works as a Talent Acquisition Senior Manager for Dell Canada, says she feel particularly connected to her work because she knows that Dell is environmentally conscious. “We all play a small but vital role in the earth’s future, and it’s refreshing to work for an organization that values and incorporates environmental sustainability into every aspect of its operations,” she says.
“I used to drive over 85 miles per week, burning gas on my way to and from an office,” Hybner adds. “Dell’s culture of flexibility has enabled me to work from home/remotely, and I now drive less than five miles a week.”  
Erika Reilly, an HR analyst at Dell, is most inspired by Dell's goal to have 40% of its global team in employee resource groups by 2020. "I graduated from Boston College in 2016 with a Psychology degree, and many of my courses focused on how to empower groups of people," she says. "This notion is actually what inspired me to pursue a career in Human Resources. Thus, I really resonate with Dell’s goal to have 40% of our global team in employee resources groups by 2020. We can strengthen our workforce by encouraging employees to branch out and meet others who might work in a different office, state, or country."
She adds that Dell is great place to work as a millennial. "[Millennials] bring a mindfulness to the workplace. Thus, we will enhance Dell’s ability to innovate and succeed by increasing university hiring to a rate of 25% of all external hiring by 2020. These young adults are driven to constantly improve and they strive to produce greater results. They are eager to work for a company that values their interests; they tend to see the importance of work-life balance, environmental stewardship, and being intellectually challenged." 
Other employees say their favorite part about working at Dell is that their work gives them the chance to volunteer in underserved communities. 
Dell’s Youth Learning program, for instance, helps connect children in need to technology and opportunities by partnering with a range of nonprofits. Dell employees who want get involved are encouraged to volunteer with these nonprofit partners, or any organization of their choice..  
Most of us are so plugged into our jobs every day that it can be hard to recognize how our work is connected to a greater purpose. But at Dell, employees can see firsthand the kind of difference their company is making.
Roshni Joshi, DellEMC’s Director of Channel Systems Engineering, North America, says that her company’s mission and culture have never failed to inspire her both professionally and personally. “I was 28 when I joined Dell EMC, and after 14 years, I feel like I have ‘grown up’ here—chronologically, yes, but also emotionally,” she says.
“It's the same sense of belonging that I have for my alma mater. It’s the feeling of pride when I see our savvy new logo, the congeniality, the camaraderie and loyalty that comes from years of working together, facing challenges together, and the strength that comes from knowing someone's got your back! It's part of my identity and a very integral part of me today.”
Reilly feels similarly. "I feel challenged and empowered to improve every day. With the flexibility of working at home, I can make time for building my career while not losing time with my family or out-of-work commitments. I find time to volunteer (occasionally with my team), and I know my organization values my environment as much as I do. I feel as though my leadership and my manager listen to my opinions, and they make decisions that will benefit me. I am proud to be a Dell team member."  
Another employee puts it simply: “IT'S A GREAT COMPANY TO WORK FOR.” 
Dell’s progress reports indicate that the company has already done a ton of good. Team members have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer time to tens of thousands of local organizations around the world.
But there’s so much more to be done. While they’re certainly rising to the occasion, the team can always use more help. 
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