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As much as you may love it, hate it or feel lukewarm about it, spending time at your desk is an integral part of any office job. If you’re going to spend multiple hours there daily, you might as well make the most of it — which is easy to do by adding accessories that not only organize your desk but also bring your personal style and flair.

30 desk accessories.

1. Laptop case

Price: $85.00

Kate Spade

The laptop is a worker’s most treasured item. So why not make it suited to your style? There are hundreds of beautiful laptop cases out there, in ever color and pattern you can think of. Want something a little more durable? Go for a harder case. Need to transport your computer safely? Try a fancy sleeve.

2. Laptop stand

Price: $53.91


Hunching over a laptop — no matter how pretty its case is — isn’t great for our posture. Avoid the back pain by investing in a laptop stand. By adjusting your laptop’s height, you’ll be looking straight forward to research, connect and problem-solve instead of breaking your back.

3. Pencil cup

Price: $12.07

World Market

Pencils have the same tendency as bobby pins and hair ties to simply disappear. With a pencil cup, you won’t have to search the office floor for an extra writing utensil any more. Cups come in all fun shapes and sizes, even ones that geometrically look a little more exciting than your average drinking glass.

4. Supplies organizer

Price: $24.99

Mind Space

If you’re working on a big project or hands-on task, it’s likely that you’ll have a lot of supplies. A supplies organizer is an all-purpose way to neatly (and stylishly) store all of your items. You can opt for see-through drawers or a closed-drawer option depending on your visibility preferences.

5. Cork board or dry-erase board

Price: $29.99


Our phones may be our lifeline when it comes to jotting down quick reminders, but it’s crucial to get ourselves oriented when there’s a big project, meeting, or important bit of company information. Having a cork board or dry erase board gives you a physical space for anything you might forget — and it’s just a glance up when you need the reminder.

6. Photo display

Price: $25.00


On the darkest of work days, it’s hard to remember that your life isn’t consumed and ruled by the office. Help yourself out by getting a fun photo organizer to add pictures you love. Smaller and simpler organizers are often better when maximizing desk space; if you want a bigger collection, try hanging photos from string or an organizer that attaches to your bulletin board.

7. Desk lamp

Price: $26.99


Office lighting can be harsh. Having a warm desk lamp will make your space just a little bit brighter. It’s easy to customize your lamp look with a range of stands and shades. There are even options that provide a little extra storage or charging space.

8. Bookends

Price: $24.00

West Elm

If you’re working with a lot of dense research, you might find books, articles, and magazines stacking up. Book ends can help your organize your materials with easy-to-see access to your books’ titles. Plus, there are all sorts of creative book ends out there for every type of humor and vibe.

9. Paperweight

Price: $14.95

Barnes & Noble

When you’re busy with a project that’s overloading your desk, loose paper is your enemy. Control them with paperweights. Like bookends, the options for paperweights are often creative; they’re an easy way to show some style without taking up much desk space.

10. Surge protector

Price: $20.79


The modern world of work is high-tech, which means we’re often plugged in when we’re trying to get things done. Having a surge protector as a little charging station allows you to plug all the devices you need at once without breaking the outlet.

11. Calendar

Price: $23.00


There may be iCal and Google Calendar and a million other calendar apps, but there’s still value in having a typical calendar at your desk. Hanging a calendar by your desk gives you a physical perspective on your time ahead, whether you’re trying to finish a big project or counting down the days until vacation.

12. Lazy susan

Price: $39.00

Pottery Barn

A Lazy Susan is the perfect desk accessory for all the things that don’t quite seem to have a place. Whether it’s a pen or a post-it note, a Lazy Susan provides a spot for all of the random items floating around your desk. Plus, it’s super fun to spin.

13. Trash or paper bin

Price: $33.57


Not every first draft can be perfect. Getting a trash or paper bin as an under-desk accessory can saves precious time and banal coworker interactions. Just remember to empty it every once in a while.

14. Draw organizer

Price: $9.89


Whether your desk has draws or you prefer file cabinets, a draw organizer is a great way to get rid of your deeper work clutter. These organizers often come boxed off in areas of multiple sizes, so there’s just enough room for every common work supply you’ll need.

15. Clock

Price: $55.00

Pottery Barn

While we can tell the time from our phones and watches, having a clock at our desk can help us tune out from the tech world and provide motivation for completing our tasks. Increase your productivity by setting up a clock on your work desk and using it to increment your time. 

16. Folder sorter

Price: $11.69


Like a filing cabinet, a folder sorter is a lifesaver when it comes to separating files and keeping them in order. Folder sorters come in a variety of shapes and materials depending on how much desk space you’re willing to give.

17. Notepad

Price: $8.99


Need to jot down someone’s name and number? Have a random thought you’ll know you’ll need to come back to? Luckily, the notepad has been a working person’s best friend for ages. Notepads are extremely personal and customizable—you can literally get your name on them — so there’s no excuse why your notepad wouldn’t be just your style.

18. Phone mount

Price: $11.99


Although laptops often reign in the working world, our phones often come in handy, too. Getting a phone mount can help you easily see videos, photos or even texts — work or non-work related. Plus, you’ll save precious time taking your phone in and out of your pocket.

19. Paper tray

Price: $15.00


If your stacks of papers are piling up, don’t let them all fly away; keep them organized and together by investing in a paper tray. Prioritize important to-dos and information by keeping these pages on top, and let long-term projects and less relevant pages float to the bottom. If you’ve got the room, getting more than one paper tray allows for more separation and organization.

20. Mug holder

Price: $12.99


Whether you prefer coffee or tea, chances are you’ve brought some sort of beverage to work with you. Keep yourself hydrated during the day with a mug holder. This can rest on your desk or even clip to the side to give you a little extra room.

21. Timer

Price: $13.99


If you work best in short bursts of productivity, getting a timer can help regulate your working hours. Go classic with an hourglass timer, or get more high tech with timers that give different minute-increment options.

22. Stapler

Price: $8.38


The company stapler is always out of staples, broken or is just too far away. Invest in your own stapler (even a mini one) to finish the job just a little bit faster. Original staplers have become a hit in the desk accessory industry; choose from anything from a shark to Superman.

23. Tape dispenser

Price: $16.98

Google Express

Things tear or break, and tape is an easy and fast way to fix a minor issue. Like staplers, tape dispensers are all the rage in the accessory business. Get creative with a high heel dispenser or chameleon sticking out its tongue.

24. Eyeglass holder

Price: $5.99

World Market

Only need glasses to see the small print on your laptop screen? Rest your glasses easy the rest of the workday with an eyeglass holder. These holders are not only sleek or humorous but also protect your precious eyewear from any damage.

25. Small tray

Price: $6.00


If you’ve got small items like erasers, magnets or even earrings, getting a small magnetic tray is a perfect place to store them. Never lose your tiny items again with this versatile accessory.

26. Sign letter

Price: $1.99


Want everyone to know your name (or at least the first letter)? Getting a sign letter is a fun way to personalize your space without taking up too much of it. Go for something flashy like a lights sign letter or go classic with wood or aluminum.

27. Magazine holder

Price: $16.00


If you’re working with thick packets of writing or research, having a paper tray or a folder holder might not cut it. Magazine holders are a sleek way to get all of your papers together (even if they’re not magazines) and fit easily between your other desk accessories.

28. Card holder

Price: $14.40

Crane Stationary

Make it easy to share your business card with a desk card holder. If you’ve got more than one to share, upgrade to a multi-card holder for all the space and promoting you need.

29. Wall file

Price: $14.99

The Container Store

Although technically not on the desk, a wall file is a great way to save space for the items that do clutter your desk. Throw in anything from papers to files and utilize the outside space for decoration. Magnetic wall files are a great space to hang pictures or the magnets you love.

30. Office sign

Price: $6.00


Need a little extra motivation in your work week? An office sign is a great way to add some personal taste with inspiring quotes and flair. Opt for a cute phrase or a truly empowering idea.

Zoë Kaplan is an English major at Wesleyan University in the class of 2020. She writes about women, theater, sports, and everything in between. Read more of Zoë’s work at www.zoëkaplan.com.

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