Diversity and Inclusion Are the ‘Heartbeat of Our Culture’: ERGs That Make a Difference at UKG

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Valerie Hardman and Nicole Taylor. Photos courtesy of UKG.

Valerie Hardman and Nicole Taylor. Photos courtesy of UKG.

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What’s the culture at UKG like? Well, at UKG, their purpose is people — and the company demonstrates this value in everything they do, with diversity and inclusion (D&I) being no exception. 

“Our D&I programs are more than programs,” says Valerie Hardman, VP, Executive Relationships. “For UKG, belonging is in our DNA, and D&I is the heartbeat of our culture and an ongoing opportunity for all within the organization to both learn and contribute to creating a better business landscape for those around us.”

For employees, this means that UKG actively fosters a culture that benefits everyone. From opportunities for employees to learn about addressing biases to partnerships that help HR source underrepresented talent, everyone at UKG works together to form an inclusive culture that celebrates and connects people from all backgrounds and experiences. 

In short, diversity, equity and belonging “at UKG starts with making our company a place where unique identities and perspectives are not only welcomed, but sought out, celebrated and well-represented,” says Nicole Taylor, Principal Belonging, Diversity and Equity Manager for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). “We champion a culture of trust, equity and belonging for all and a workplace where all of our employees have abundant opportunities to grow.”

This celebratory and uplifting culture is highlighted in UKG’s amazing ERGs. To learn more about why these groups stand out from the crowd — and how you could benefit from joining one as a member of the UKG family — we reached out to UKG employees, also known as U Krewers. Here’s what they had to say.

An inside look at UKG’s ERGs.

At UKG, ERGs “help amplify diverse voices and bring U Krewers together for support, development and connection,” explains Taylor. UKG currently has eight ERGs for employees to join:

  1. ADAPT: Accessibility and disability allies partner together. 

  2. ASPIRE: Asians and Pacific Islanders raising equity.

  3. BUILD: Black U Krewers in leadership and development. 

  4. CARES: Cancer awareness resources, education and support.

  5. FIRE Up: Female inclusion, resilience and excellence 

  6. PRIDE: LGBTQIA+ community and allies.

  7. VETS: Veterans and allies.

  8. UNIDOS: Uplift, network, impact, develop, orgullo and support.

Of these, let’s focus on one in particular — FIRE Up — which supports professional women. In fact, FIRE Up’s defining feature is its professional development opportunities, which include everything from mentorship and training to networking events for its global members. 

Collaboration is at the heart of FIRE Up — and is actually how the group came together. FIRE Up was created by combining multiple siloed groups of women networks into a global ERG. The goal? To ensure that women around the globe are empowered, enabled and equal. And the group doesn’t just include women, either. Allyship and male executive support are part of the equation that helps this ERG truly empower women to carve their own path forward.

The U Krewers in this ERG are passionate about its mission. Hardman, who is a co-chair and one of the mentors in this group, shares that, “I believe it’s the responsibility of all leaders, regardless of title, to create space to lift up others around them.”

A closer look at how the ERGs at UKG benefit employees.

For the thousands of people participating in UKG’s ERGs, the benefits are many. To learn more, we reached out to a few current ERG members, one of whom is Shannon Dougherty, Manager, Product Support. For Dougherty, UKG’s ERGs were one of her deciding factors in joining the company. And, since joining, participating in these ERGs has resulted in professional improvement. “I have had the opportunity to work for and learn from amazing female leaders and male allies who helped shape my future,” says Dougherty. “Without their belief in my abilities, mentorship and supporting my personal growth, I would not have taken personal risks, failed forward or grown into the leader I am today.” 

Dougherty also understands that ERGs are a two-way street, and she uses her time in these groups to help shape the future of female leaders within UKG and create equity and opportunity for those who may not feel they have a voice.

This ability to help one another excel is prominent in FIRE Up. As Dougherty’s colleague Richada Franklin, Senior Manager, Product Solutions Support, explains, "FIRE Up has revealed the barriers we face as female leaders and provides a safe space to advocate for workplace change.” Franklin shares that she’s increased her confidence by participating in this group of talented women who share their experiences, discuss transferable competencies and provide networking opportunities. “I've learned to build a stronger community with my mentors, sponsors and allies,” Franklin states.

So, if you’re looking to join a company that has employee resource groups and D&I initiatives in place to empower you to grow your career — all while feeling welcomed as part of a global community — UKG is the place for you! Browse open roles at the company (using the link below) to take your next step.

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