Do These 3 Things After an Interview to Push Your App Over the Edge And Land The Job

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April 17, 2024 at 5:37AM UTC
Picture this: You've just got out of an interview and you're obsessed. You really connected with the interviewer, you love the company culture and you're excited about the role. You think the interview went great, and now you just have to seal the deal. Or, your performance was pretty good, and you're trying to push it over the edge. 
Whether I just described your recent experience or something you're hoping for in the near future, keep reading for the three-part, post-interview secret sauce that will get you that job offer. Or, you know, at least a late-round interview. 

1. Write a personal, detailed thank you note. 

While it might seem basic, writing a detailed thank you note can really elevate you in the eyes of a potential employer. Rather than sending a generic form letter, use the notes you took in the interview (you took notes, right?) to write a personal note to everyone who interviewed you, including points of conversation from the interview and small things you picked up about them. For more about writing a great note, read Fairygodboss's thank you note guide

2. Follow up (while following directions).

After your initial thank you note, follow up after a reasonable amount of time within the organization's parameters. If the person you interviewed with said they'd be in touch within two weeks and it's been over two weeks since you sent your thank you note, feel free to reach back out for next steps, see if you can share any additional information with them and reassert your interest. If they didn't specify a timeframe, reach out a week after sending your initial note to inquire on next steps and reaffirm how much you love the role. Repeat this process until they offer you the job or cut you loose. 
If the organization specifically asks for no follow-ups, gosh, don't be sending them emails or blowing up their phones. Instead, sit tight and know your thank you note was amazing. 

3. Keep up with your personal brand.

Just because your interview is over doesn't mean you get to be off your A-game. Be sure to keep up with your personal brand while hiring managers and future colleagues may be looking at your social media accounts. Now is the perfect time to publish that LinkedIn essay, roll out your best tweets and update your blog. This will keep you at the top of their mind if you're connected, and impress them if they're peeking at your account on private mode. 

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