9 Orgs That’ll Take Your Office Hand-Me-Downs in a Heartbeat

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April 15, 2024 at 8:2PM UTC
When it’s time to clean up your desk or even the whole office, do you know where to donate unneeded office supplies, furniture and equipment? Just like clothing and furniture, there’s always a need for used office items, but where do you take them? Plenty of organizations and programs accept donations of used items such as furniture, computers, printers and other office supplies.
Donating used office supplies is a rewarding process, and it gives you a tax break. Plenty of organizations are on the hunt for used office supplies, providing lots of opportunities for you to give away your items. Veterans, homeless people and underprivileged families all benefit from the donation of office supplies. And you can feel better about a cleaner office (or desk).

9 organizations that accept donated office supplies and equipment.

When it comes time to haul off that office furniture or place those electronics and supplies in good hands, you have plenty of options. Your used office supplies can be matched with someone who really needs them, whether you take items directly to a local donation site or send them to an organization that distributes them. Get creative and find organizations, businesses and schools in need.

1. Goodwill

This go-to donation site accepts donations of just about anything, including vehicles. Gently-used office furniture, supplies and functioning office technology are welcome at Goodwill donation centers. Thanks to the Goodwill E-cycle program, people can now drop off a variety of used office electronics including:
  • CPUs and laptop computers
  • Cell phones and wired telephones
  • Network servers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Copiers
Visit Goodwill’s website for more details on acceptable donations.

2. Local retail stores

Check out your local office supply stores, including Walmart, Staples and Best Buy. Many of these stores accept donations of unneeded office supplies that can be used as school supplies. Some of these stores, including Best Buy, also recycle electronics; customers who recycle electronics such as computers and printers can earn discounts on other Best Buy products. The program accepts laptops, printer ink and toner cartridges, small appliances and more. Walmart also allows you to recycle electronics and accepts school supply donations as well.

3. Freecycle

On this website, users can donate and find used items for free. Freecycle is free trade network that allows those in need to connect with those donating unneeded items. Virtually anything can be traded on freecycle, including office supplies, office furniture and technology. The donation experience is personalized on freecycle, as you get to interact with the end recipient. It’s a great way to get rid of the things for which you otherwise can’t find homes.

4. iLoveSchools

This is a non-profit organization based online that helps supply teachers and students with the classroom supplies they need. If you have unused office supplies such as pencils, paper, folders and more, they can be donated to iLoveSchools and go straight into the hands of students and teachers. View wish lists created by teachers detailing the exact supplies they need, so you know your donation will be useful. For tax purposes, you can obtain a receipt for your donations.

5. Local donation and recycling sites

Chances are, there are plenty of places to donate used office supplies right in your local area. Take advantage of local computer and electronics recycling programs, which dispose of electronics safely and decrease computer waste. Visit local schools to see if supplies or office equipment are needed for use in offices or classrooms. Search for nonprofit organizations that collect office supplies locally to help children with school supplies, or help families find office furniture for their homes. Even small local businesses may need used supplies.

6. Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)

Created in 1978 by Vietnam War veteran advocates, this organization works to support and empower all veterans, especially the poor and homeless. VVA accepts donations of furniture, small appliances and office and art supplies. They take “almost anything” but must turn down the donation of large electronic devices, such as printers and large TVs, and large furniture. Pick-up services for donated office goods can be scheduled in some areas. VVA is a Congressionally Chartered Tax-exempt Charity.

7. Operation Give

Created in Salt Lake City, Utah, this global program supports U.S. troops and their families, during and after military life. Operation Give also undertakes massive humanitarian projects, supplying necessities to those in need around the world. They have helped numbers of threatened people, including refugees in strained global areas. Your office supplies can be donated to Operation Give for children to use in school, and used office furniture can be placed in the homes of troops and families in need.

8. Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

MDA is dedicated to research and advocacy for those with neuromuscular disorders like muscular dystrophy and ALS. The organization saves money by accepting donated office supplies and equipment rather than buying them new. The organization’s saved money can then be put to better use for neuromuscular research and care. Computers, software, gently used office equipment, furniture and other office supplies are all taken by MDA. Find your nearest MDA office on the organization’s website.

9. National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation works to promote the reuse of technology by connecting donors of used items with local non-profits, schools and agencies in need of supplies and equipment. When donating your used office technology, you can search the specific needs of organizations near you. Use the Non-Profit Locator on the National Cristina Foundation’s website to search by zip code for nearby organizations in need. This is a nonprofit agency.

Donating is rewarding.

Donating your used office items can be rewarding, especially when you know they are going to help someone in need. Instead of just trashing your clutter the next time you clean your office, take the time to donate old items and help someone in need instead.  Helping others is good for the soul. By getting creative in the process of donation, you can make sure the supplies and items you donate land in the right hands. But moving forward, it’s also important to remember not to buy excess office supplies; they'll only add to your clutter.
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