Employees Say This Company’s Perks Save Them ‘Countless Hours’


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April 25, 2024 at 1:1AM UTC
These days, having a full-time job often leaves you with very little free time — and when you do get to enjoy a few precious hours outside of work, you’re probably trying to squeeze in as much QT with family and friends as possible. This means going to the doctor, getting to the gym, or just prioritizing your health in general sometimes seems nearly impossible.
It shouldn’t be this way, though — and Time Inc. gets that. That’s why they’ve developed some amazing health and wellness programs, as well as family-friendly benefits, that help employees save time and stay healthy when things get crazy. Moreover, Time Inc.’s programs enable employees to bring their best physical selves to work each day.
We spoke to Teri Lukin, who heads Time Inc.’s Wellbeing Program. She filled us in on some of the numerous perks that the company provides, including an onsite health center (which gives employees access to primary healthcare); community groups that help employees network; onsite yoga; short-term backup and emergency care options for both children and adults; annual flu shots, mammography, and biometric screenings; fitness challenges; Weight Watchers meetings; a meditation series; on-site massages; and spring and fall walking clubs at lunchtime. 

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“Our employees’ health and wellbeing is one of our top priorities,” Teri told us. “From wellness workshops to onsite health screenings and classes, we strive to create programs and opportunities that make it easy for our employees to stay healthy, when they’re busy with work and everyday life.”  
Time Inc. will also hook you up with a personal health advocate who can help you and eligible family members resolve healthcare and insurance-related issues.
Cami, Time Inc.’s associate director of consumer marketing and revenue, explained to us how some of these benefits add value to her work experience. “Beyond the pride that comes from working for a company with such well-respected brands are the benefits that come with the programs and conveniences offered to staff members,” she says. 
While she’s participated in many of Time Inc.’s programs over the years, she points to two that she’s found particularly valuable: the Weight Watchers At-Work Program and the Working Parents’ Support Group. “My success at losing 25 pounds on Weight Watchers was definitely helped by making it convenient to attend meetings and having colleagues that truly support and share at the meetings,” she explains.
Cami adds that it was especially helpful to have a Working Parents’ Support group at her office when she was a new parent. “It was really helpful to have other parents to lean on and get advice from when I became a parent and throughout the school years.”
In addition, Cami loves that some of Time Inc.’s programs have made it easier to deal with dreaded errands, like going to the DMV. “I only recently found out that we offer DMV vision testing in our Health Center that allowed me to mail in my form and skip the lines at the DMV,” she says. “That is a huge relief/time-saver!”
Speaking of time-savers, imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have to worry about fitting visits to the doc or dentist into your schedule. How amazing would it be if you could avoid the stress that comes with spending an hour in the waiting room before even seeing your doctor...all while you’re already an hour away from your office and in danger of missing your next meeting?!  
Gil, a senior finance manager at Time Inc., explains: “The Health Center has saved me countless hours that I would have spent travelling to/from doctors and waiting when I’ve had ailments ranging from strep throat and conjunctivitis to orthopedic injuries. Our nurse practitioner has been able to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue.” 
“The flu shot given every fall has prevented me from getting the flu over the past 20+ years,” Gil adds. “The health screenings are very helpful in that I can keep tabs on my blood work/results and make any needed changes in my lifestyle/eating choices to keep everything at a heart healthy level.”
Beyond saving time and encouraging good health, Time Inc.’s perks help moms and dads make things work. “The Backup Dependent Care program has proven to be an invaluable benefit countless times when my son is sick or his school is closed,” says Jenni, a compensation director at Time Inc. “Rather than be forced to miss work, I’ve been able to book quality care last minute at a low cost.”
If reading about these incredible perks is making you jealous, we hear you. Good news, though — Time Inc. is hiring, so you can check out their open positions today...and perhaps one day soon you’ll score an awesome job and an awesome work-life balance!
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