Explore How a Mentoring Program ‘Truly Changed Everything’ For This Woman

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Jen Askes

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July 24, 2024 at 9:13PM UTC

Why has Jen Askes stayed with Sprinklr? There’s no one single reason she can pinpoint; instead, it’s the plethora of opportunities the company has offered and the support she receives.

One main draw at Sprinklr, however, is the company culture of support and the team that is always there to help one another. For Askes, mentorship, in particular, has been critical to her career journey. 

“Having a mentor has given me direction when I didn’t know where to get information or how to get started on working toward my goals,” she shares. “For me, the experience has been like having a coach on a sports team — my mentor has supported me, cheered me on and led me in the right direction. Sprinklr’s mentorship program has helped me gain confidence and exposure to projects that helped me figure out which direction I wanted to take in my career development. I’ve also been able to expand my skill set and learn as I go.”

In this interview, the Talent Development Coordinator talks more about the importance of mentorship and how having a mentor has helped her grow.

Tell us about your job.

I recently transitioned from Sprinklr’s Recruitment Team to join the Talent Development Team. The mission of our team is to enable Sprinklrites to be at their best personally and professionally. In my current role, I coordinate our mentoring program and work alongside my team to launch additional development programs. 

I also help administer our core learning programs, like LinkedIn Learning. I partner with my manager/mentor to build creative content and communications to market our upcoming programs and events to new and existing employees. And, I collect data for our programs so we can analyze it to measure success over time.

Congrats on your role change! What opportunities did Sprinklr provide that ultimately helped you land your new role? 

Having the opportunity to make connections and network with colleagues across departments has been a huge help. My leaders constantly encouraged me to explore what interested me and helped me get involved in projects within different fields. 

The mentoring program truly changed everything for me. When I connected with my mentor, she was so eager to aid me in my career and help me grow personally and professionally. Having the encouragement and openness from leadership has made all the difference. Also, just having leaders and team members who support me and genuinely care about my growth has been a big game-changer for me in my career journey at Sprinklr.

Could you tell us a bit more about your mentor and how this relationship benefits you?

My mentor, Tina Graziosi, Manager, Talent Development, has to be the most impactful colleague and friend in my professional life. 

Tina has really taken the word “mentor” to the next level; she has helped me with everything from identifying the skills I want to develop to encouraging me to find my passion within my career. She helped me with gaining exposure to anything I’ve been interested in and has answered my questions without judgment. She’s acted as a professional mentor but also a personal mentor. Tina has always provided me with opportunities to grow and given me advice when needed. I truly wouldn’t have found my footing without her believing in me.

Does Sprinklr have a formal program in place for mentoring or sponsorship?

Sprinklr has an open mentoring program, and we just launched our official sponsor program as well. However, mentoring does happen naturally and through networking as well.

Do you feel like your mentorship experience has been reflective of the overall culture at Sprinklr?

Yes, I believe so! We have an open mentoring program that allows our mentors and mentees to navigate their relationships in the way they see fit. The program is designed to be flexible to help employees reach their development goals. The main goal is for our participants to benefit as much from the program as they can. We want all of our mentors and mentees to grow, and that’s what Sprinklr promotes as well — being at your best, both personally, and professionally.

Ultimately, what has led you to stay at Sprinklr?

The opportunities I’ve received at Sprinklr and the support my colleagues have given me have kept me here. I believe the true value of a company is based on their employees. The team members I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside have made all the difference. Sprinklr stresses the importance of work-life balance and unity, and that’s why I love working here so much.

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