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What style of working do you like best? Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it feels like this question has been pushed to the forefront of conversation. While personal preference is a big factor here, in-office, flexible and remote work styles all have their unique advantages.

For example, working in the office offers employees the opportunity to collaborate in-person, easier access to coworkers and possibly the ability to form a better sense of connection. Meanwhile, working from home enables employees to eliminate a commute and can provide a more flexible schedule and more location flexibility. And, flexible working offers a bit of both sets of benefits.

All three types of working can be found at Indeed*, with the company trusting employees to work where they are the most comfortable and productive. Here, let’s take a quick look at the different options available at the company. 

1.  In-office working.

Any employee within a commutable distance of an Indeed office can work in the office full-time, with occasional work-from-home days permitted. These employees:

  • Spend five days a week in the office.

  • Get their own assigned desk.

2. Hybrid or flex working.

For employees who live within the metro area of an Indeed office, there is the option for a flex or hybrid work style. The specific style of flex work will depend on the department, with some employees required to be in the office on specific days of the week (Flex Scheduled), while other departments do not have set days (Flex Unscheduled). For Flex Scheduled employees, they are expected to be in the office between one to four days a week, depending on their manager and team.

3. Remote working.

At Indeed, anyone living outside of a  50 mile/100km radius from an Indeed office is considered remote. While fully remote employees are not expected to go into the office on a regular basis, they may be required to go into the office for collaboration or training events. An employee’s  specific location is tied to their employment terms, and these employment terms are tied to the specific city/state/province and country where an employee is hired. 

So… What’s best?

While personal work styles and workplace needs greatly impact this decision, according to Indeed’s extensive research, their “Senior Leadership found that flexible work has multiple business, societal and environmental benefits to increase employee productivity and work happiness while allowing us to hire talent outside of where we have offices,” says the company. 

Hybrid work will help them become a more sustainable workplace — reducing travel and commuting costs as well as Indeed’s carbon footprint.

And, at Indeed, Flex and Remote employees receive an annual $1,500 (USD) stipend that helps to cover expenses while working remotely. These expenses can include high-speed internet, furniture, utilities, care for children or parents, meals and snacks and home office supplies.

What work style works best for you? Let us know in the comments!


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* Based on the organization’s needs, some positions may not be eligible to be fully remote.