Fostering Inclusivity and Saving the Earth May Sound Ambitious — But This Company’s Way Ahead of Us

Photo Courtesy of VMware.

Photo Courtesy of VMware.

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We often set our sights on our ‘dream job’ — a position that strikes a balance between the job title, career field and work-life balance we wish to achieve. But what about the idea of a dream company? A company with a mission that aligns with our values, making our jobs and lives all the more fulfilling?

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To create a dream company we’d probably add inclusivity, diversity and environmental consciousness to our must-haves list — and at VMware, we can. Not only does this company consistently aim to close the gender gap in tech, but they’re also committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment that celebrates the diversity of their employees. And they don’t stop there. 

VMware's renewable energy projects, sustainable development projects and dedication to energy efficiency demonstrate its commitment to protecting the world, and changing it for the better.

Below are three reasons women should apply to this fast-growing company.

1. VMware actively seeks top-female talent and forges a place in the tech industry to support women.

In April, the company hosted the fourth annual Women Transforming Technology (WT2) conference at its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. WT2 is an event where organizations in the industry, non-profit and academia sectors join together to discuss the most pressing issues for women in the workplace, specifically in the tech industry.

Attendees had the chance to break out into smaller sessions centered on “Diversity & Inclusion, Emerging Leadership, Executive Leadership, and Technical,” and actor and activist Ashley Judd also made an appearance, explaining the importance of vulnerability and “listening without being triggered” to the 500+ people in attendance.

2. VMware values the diversity of its employees and the inclusivity of its work environment.

For VMware, diversity and inclusivity go hand-in-hand. Its initiative, VMinclusion, holds business leaders accountable for fostering inclusive work environments, starting with an Inclusion Survey they’ve designed to aid leaders in this commitment — but not ending there. 

In order to create a safe space for all employees to listen and learn, the company also provides Power of Difference Communities (PODs), which are “employee-driven groups that enhance VMware’s inclusive culture and harness the power of human difference.” 

“Building a more diverse workforce is a journey,” according to the company’s talent website. “We believe we cannot solve this challenge alone and must work together with our industry partners to drive systemic change. We are dedicated to sharing our journey to remain transparent and accountable.” And that they do.

3. VMware is committed to creating environmental impact through long-term sustainability goals that include achieving carbon neutrality and reaching 100% renewable energy in its operations.

“We committed to clear and ambitious goals for the year 2020, including becoming carbon neutral across our global operations,” said the Vice President of Sustainability Strategy, Nicola Acutt, Ph.D. Through the VMware 2020 initiative and adherence to The CarbonNeutral Protocol, they “reached that target two years ahead of schedule.”

Additionally, they’re revolutionizing the way businesses use power and energy through virtualization technologies that make IT infrastructure dramatically more efficient. This technology prevents their customers from releasing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

And as a testament to their environmentalism, they even made a goal to power 100% of their operations with renewable energy and join RE100, which they achieved an entire year in  advance.

If VMware sounds like a good fit for you, apply, apply, apply! 

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