Glassdoor 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Kristina Udice
Kristina Udice
May 25, 2024 at 7:43AM UTC
You’ve probably heard of Glassdoor. Like Fairygodboss, Glassdoor is an online platform where job seekers can search for companies and read anonymous reviews from people who work or have worked there.
Just as Fairygodboss makes the job search process easier for women by increasing transparency, Glassdoor can help job seekers better understand the interview process at particular companies.
Glassdoor is a website for companies, recruiters, and job hunters alike to find reviews, job postings, CEO and management approval ratings, salaries, interview reviews, company benefits, and company culture reviews. All of this data is accumulated by employees themselves — they can post anonymously and without cost. Also like Fairygodboss, users can visit the site, register, and then can have access to all of the other reviews that site users have left.
Just as Fairygodboss is a useful resouce not only for employees but also for employers, Glassdoor can help companies and recruiters to build and maintain their brand and find prospective employees. It also helps recruiters identify ideal job candidates. It’s free for job seekers to use, as it makes its money from recruiters. And it’s becoming an increasingly useful tool in the professional world — much like Fairygodboss has become a vital tool for women in the workforce.
So, how exactly does the platform work?
If you’re a job seeker, you can set up an account so that Glassdoor gives you immediate updates when a job in your field has been opened. It also has up-to-date listing on the website itself that you can check at any time.
Not only can you search jobs by time frame, but you can also filter out companies with certain ratings, or sort by companies with the highest approval rating first. And you know these are numbers you can trust, as they are awarded by current employees and past employees alike. These anonymous reviews are especially helpful when stumbling across a job opening that sounds too good to be true. It might be, especially if a current employee is leaving a company review that says negative things the company would otherwise not want known. Glassdoor, like Fairygodboss, cares about the integrity of a business and making sure prospective employees aren't being conned into a negative working environment.
Once you've found a job listing or company you click with, you can check out the salaries the company offers, which is key information when applying for a new position. The reviews on the site give you an idea of what your base salary might be and gives you leverage on how you want to negotiate going forward.
Another feature Glassdoor has to offer is the “Interviews” section on an employers page. Here you can see what other people have thought about the company's interview process, whether they got the job, and what questions they were asked.
If you’re not sure what kind of job opening you want or where you want to work, Glassdoor has features that can help with that, too. You can search by region to see what city/state has the most options for you. If you’re not sure what kind of position you’re looking for, the Job Explorer feature can help give you some ideas by matching your strengths and skills with positions that match.
Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or barely know where to start, Glassdoor is a tool that can help simplify and maximize your job search, finding you a job title you love in a company that fits for you. We all want job satisfaction. We want to love what we do and where we’re doing it. Glassdoor makes that easy, especially when you pair it with Fairygodboss' tools and resources.
At Fairygodboss, we're happy to see other companies and organizations begin caring more for the wellbeing of their employees. Since the beginning, we've made the needs and deisres of women in the workforce paramount to our mission — guiding them into the career of their dreams by giving them insights into a company and position from people who have been in their shoes. And by adding Glassdoor alongside Fairygodboss when searching for your next job, you'll get the full picture, and then some.

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