Global Day of Parents: All About the Holiday and How to Celebrate

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Where would we be without our parents and guardians? 

The truth is, we wouldn’t be who we are today without them. Our families make up a huge part of who we are because of the way they’ve shaped us and shown us the ropes of the world.

We often forget to think about the level of commitment and hard work parents and guardians put in for their children. It’s one thing parents all over the world can relate to: being a parent, let alone a working parent, is exhausting. 
The diapers, the tantrums, the late nights… we owe parents and guardians all everywhere a big thank you for the hard work they do in raising happy children. 
That’s where the Global Day of Parents comes in.

What is the Global Day of Parents?

This special day was first recognized by the United Nations General Assembly on June 1, 2012. It falls on the same day as International Children’s Day and occurs every year on the same day, June 1. The two holidays complement each other because of the irreplaceable child-guardian bond involved.
The Global Day of Parents was created to celebrate the important role parents play in their children’s lives. On this day, parents around the world are celebrated for the commitment and love they offer their children. 
It’s important to note that the Global Day of Parents doesn’t recognize just mothers or fathers, but parents and guardians as a whole, internationally. This includes step-parents, adoptive parents and other types of guardians. Families come in all shapes and sizes, as do guardians.

Parents deserve recognition for their hard work.

Make no mistake, being a parent is hard! Working parents understand the delicate balance between taking care of their families financially and raising kids at home. Even the weekends can be tough for working parents.

But stay-at-home parents have it tough, too. Raising kids in itself is a full-time job, and a lot goes into raising your kids the best way that you can. This is a tough job that can’t be completed by just anyone. It takes good parents and guardians to ensure that kids receive the nurturing upbringing they deserve.

Parents and guardians teach children important life lessons including values, skills, socialization and security. According to the Children’s Bureau, these are the most important gifts that parents offer to their children. And, they’re definitely not easy gifts to give.

Family has become an important focus of the UN since the 1980s and this holiday is a day to officially recognize the family unit internationally. Without family, and namely parents, children don't have the best opportunities while growing up.

Parents' Day in the United States

In the United States, Parents' Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July each year. Since 1994, this holiday has been celebrated in honor of both mothers and fathers and their role in raising children.

Versions of this holiday are also celebrated in South Korea and in the Philippines. In South Korea, Parents Day is celebrated in place of Mother’s Day, on May 8 each year. The government officially recognizes and celebrates Parents Day in South Korea as well.

How is it celebrated?

Celebrating the Global Day of Parents can be as simple as letting your parents or guardians know how thankful you are for their love and commitment. Buy a card or a gift for your loved ones or take them out on a lunch or dinner date.

Other ways to celebrate are to become more informed about the holiday by reading about it online. Have family gatherings and wish parents of your friends a happy Global Day of Parents.

The idea is to really just appreciate those who give so much to the children of the world.

When is it?

Global Day of Parents is June 1st every year.
U.S. Parents' Day is the fourth Sunday in July.
U.S. Parents' Day
July  282019
July 262020
July 252021
July  242022
July 232023
July 282024

Happy Global Day of Parents!

Even if today isn’t Global Day of Parents, we at Fairygodboss want to say thank you to the parents and guardians of the world for the dedicated role you play in your children’s lives.

If you’re a parent-to-be, you’ll be joining the club soon. In the meantime, check out our maternity resource section, loaded with facts and tips on maternity leave and pregnancy guides.

Perhaps, now that you’ve learned about the Global Day of Parents, you’re looking for craft ideas to thank the parents and guardians in your life. Check out this list of do-it-yourself craft ideas to get started. 

By the time Parents Day arrives on June 1, you’ll be prepared to show the loved ones in your life that you care about them. It could even be fun to help the children in your life thank their parents with hand-made crafts as well.

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