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April 15, 2024 at 10:11AM UTC

When you join FTI Consulting, you work on headline-making matters that impact history. The global firm enables professionals to grow their careers in leaps and bounds — providing hands-on experience working with management teams from Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, law firms and other industry leaders.

FTI Consulting is organized into six businesses segments, each of which makes an impact on clients and colleagues alike:

  1. Corporate Finance & Restructuring

  2. Forensic & Litigation Consulting

  3. Health Solutions

  4. Economic Consulting

  5. Technology

  6.  Strategic Communications
Through their culture of collaboration, businesses, departments and individuals alike collaborate across regions and the entire company, bringing unique skill sets and backgrounds together. This results in a high-performing culture that nurtures growth in its employees.

FTI Consulting also institutes and supports a wide array of diversity, inclusion and belonging (DI&B) initiatives. "Leadership is actively working toward making the company a great place for women to work,” one employee says. “They have been rolling out new policies to promote women and create a flexible work environment."

Sounds interesting? Here’s what you need to know about FTI Consulting.

A strong culture of diversity and inclusion.

“In order to attract top talent and clients, we need to demonstrate that FTI Consulting is a diverse firm from all perspectives. People just starting their careers should look at our firm and feel they can ‘fit in,” and our clients should see themselves reflected across the table. The makeup of our company and our individual client teams should reflect the rest of the world.” — Sunita, Managing Director, Boston, FTI Consulting

At FTI Consulting, they are committed to embracing, cultivating and maintaining a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging, as it is fundamental to their core values. As part of this, they have a strong multi-pronged approach focused on attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent.

One aspect of this approach is their Diversity Ambassador Program. This global network leads initiatives like a diversity-focused panel series with industry peers, heritage celebrations, community outreach via volunteering and pro-bono services and more.

“The Diversity Ambassador Program has given me the opportunity to help spearhead an initiative that is important not only to me but to my peers across the different segments of the company,” Jodie, a Senior Consultant in Washington, DC, notes. “Knowing that the firm is willing to support, encourage and invest in diversity allows me to work with more confidence both in the program and on client projects with my colleagues.”

Meanwhile, FTI Consulting’s Women’s Initiative (WIN) provides career training, professional development, mentorship, networking and community outreach opportunities across the globe, with the goal of empowering women professionals to reach their highest potential and develop best-in-class leadership capabilities.

Benefits at FTI Consulting that we think you’ll love.

FTI consulting offers remote work and part-time policies, which give employees the flexibility they need to thrive. "The flex is great, and I’m easily able to balance family with work,” one employee notes. And, for parents, FTI Consulting also offers paid parental leave to birth mothers, fathers and adoptive parents. 

These are just some examples of how FTI supports employees and develops a culture of compassion and engagement. Curious about joining their team? Browse current career opportunities below!


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